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How Does Your Sales Teams Benefit ?

Outbound Sales

Upload a list of contacts and send personalized emails and followups. Klenty automatically detects replies, bounces and out of office messages.


Scale your cold outreach to hundreds of prospects everyday.

Inbound Sales

Automatically add new inbound leads to an email sequence from CRM based on the deal stage. Schedule calls and demos with prospects.


Free up hours of sales reps time each day.

Sales Ops

Sales Ops team can use Klenty to automate the entire top-of-the-funnel outreach activities on behalf of the sales team.


Sales reps can focus on qualified and ready to engage leads.

Built To Work With Your Favorite CRMs and Apps

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Powerful Features to Automate Your Sales Engagement Process

Single-hub for all your Prospecting activity

Prospect Database

Create prospects manually or import from CSV files, Google Sheets or directly from your CRM. Use Klenty as a simple dashboard to maintain all prospect records.

Duplicate Detection

Never worry about dealing with redudant records. Klenty does not allow duplicate records in your Prospect database.

Custom Fields

Create unlimited custom fields to add more information to your prospect records and use them as smart place holders.

Multi-channel engagement

Setup Emails, Tasks & Calls

Create automated workflows including Emails, Calls and Tasks and eliminate all the repetitive tasks of reaching out to your prospects.

Automated Follow-ups

Create a sequence of automated follow-ups for your cold prospects and take over only when they become warm leads and are ready to engage.

Smart Placeholders

Make use of unlimited placeholders in your email campaigns to send highly personalized emails at scale.

Automated CRM Workflows

Auto-import Prospects

Set up auto-import to automatically import prospects from your CRM and run email campaigns.

Auto-Sync email engagements

Create a copy of all your email engagement data back to your CRM to stay updated with your campaigns, without having to log back to Klenty every time.

Advanced Workflows

Take sales automation to another level using Triggers and Actions. Create advanced workflows to update the CRM automatically based on a specific action in Klenty.

Powerful Reports and Analytics

Email Engagement Metrics

Keep a tab on prospects interested in your emails based on key email engagement metrics such as opens, link clicks, and replies.

A/B Testing

Perform A/B testing with your email campaigns to identify what templates work best and plan your email campaigns accordingly.

Auto-detection of Bounces, Auto-Replies

Detect bounced emails, automated messages to identify whether your emails are reaching your prospects inbox and plan your campaigns accordingly.

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