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Book more meetings with
an intent-driven sales strategy

Automatically send prospects to different cadences based on intent.

Old Way

Single Cadence Approach

Before Intent

All prospects

Same messaging

Mindless Execution

Missed meetings

No more blind follow ups

New way

The Playbook Approach

After Intent

Right prospects

Right message

Personalized Execution

Meetings booked

Intelligent sales outreach

Build a repeatable sales outreach strategy

Identify the sales cadences which work at every intent level. Use those cadences across your entire team.


Know which prospects are ready for a sales call

Knowing your prospect's intent levels puts you in control over your outreach strategy. Use Playbooks to filter prospects based on intent signals like opens, clicks or replies.


Use intent to pick the right steps to the right prospects

Automatically transfer prospects to different cadences based on intent. Effortlessly combine cadences to build the perfect strategy for every prospect.


Focus your time on high intent prospects

Focus your sales team's efforts on the highest intent prospects while using automation to create intent among other prospects. Double your response rates by winning more 'on-the fence' prospects.

Use intent to execute the right activities for every prospect

Classify. Personalize. Prioritize.

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