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Automate your calls and tasks to prospects at scale

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Designed to help you get more calls and tasks done

Integrate cold calling into your sales outreach

  • Use Klenty's native sales dialer to make calls for all your prospects.
  • Prospect from any country or region right from Klenty

Make calls to multiple prospects in a sequence at one go

  • Batch calls to prospects in an email sequence with similar context to perform bulk calls
  • Automatically place calls one after another without manually typing out the phone numbers.

Automate tasks/activities to ‘sales-ready’ prospects

  • Set automated tasks and follow-ups to highly-engaged leads
  • Add your desired time and date at which you want the task to take place

Build trust by calling with a custom, native phone number

  • Buy a local number from us to make calls to 50 different countries
  • Purchase a number from any country or region and make calls your prospects from a local number.
  • Or just link your own number and call your prospects using the native call dialer

Revisit touchpoints by keeping track of your previous conversations

  • Log, record and make notes notes whenever you make a call
  • Record all incoming & outgoing calls for playback or download
  • Jot down call notes,disposition and purpose of the call for every prospect.

Build human-to-human connect through calling

Use multi-channel engagement. Yet keep your CRM updated

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Klenty helps us convert our prospects to customers in the most effective way

Aji Joseph

Sales Director, Clouds Dubai