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Become a personalization wizard

Use Liquid Templates to dynamically alter text for every prospect. Automatically customize your email copy based on day, time, persona and other prospect data. 3x your reply rates.

Personalize emails with Custom Placeholders

Klenty provides a number of default placeholders and allows you to add as many new Custom Placeholders as you need. Make emails more engaging. Never send bland emails again.

Engagement-based followups to skyrocket reply rates

Send different messages to different prospects based on how they engaged with your previous email. Automatically link email sequences together and take engagement to the next level.

Delivery windows to time emails

Use Delivery windows to set the date and time at which you want emails in a sequence to roll out with Delivery windows. Send emails exactly when prospects are likely to open.

Edit and Approve emails before they go

Review critical emails just before they are sent out. Need to make sure every email is personalized and worded to perfection? Take full control of your touches and pitches.

Cut through the inbox clutter with Klenty.

Spark conversations that become conversions

Full Access. No Credit Card required. Get started in minutes.

Quick and simple to set up with a smooth interface, very effective at reaching our target audience - automatically

Andrea Herrera

Founder, Cater Amazing