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Powerful features that ensure email deliverability

Send cold emails from your own email account

Skip the ‘rotten apple’ syndrome of mass email servers. Avoid the damage caused by joining a server with many low-reputation accounts. Connect your own account with Klenty and take full control over your deliverability.

Custom Domain Tracking to boost trust

Use Custom Domain Tracking to avoid confusing spam filters by using links that suggest a different domain. Create your own Custom link and use your own domain to track opens and clicks. Stay within the good books of spam filters.

Cadence Throttling to control email volume

Use Cadence Throttling to ensure that each cadence sends the just the right amount of emails every day. Adjust and increase your email volume as you boost your Sender Reputation. Steadily move the needle on your email volume and leave spam filters behind.

Have a Random Interval between emails

Don't send all emails instantly or every 30 seconds like a bot. Klenty lets you send emails like a human would. One at a time and at random time periods.

Include an Unsubscribe link

Give prospects a safe way out of receiving emails with an Unsubscribe link. Customize the link to suit your company’s personality. Escape the death trap of being marked as spam by your prospects

Escape spam filters forever with Klenty

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We use Klenty for our Sales Outreach and to create awareness about our product. It has got a great integration with Pipedrive which helps us save time

Teresa Van Oerle

Director of Sales, Innovation Cast