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Customize your outreach based on who your prospects are, what they do, where they live and how they behave inside your sequence.

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Lights. Camera.

  • Boring, lifeless emails remain unopened emails.
  • Embed personalized Videos into your sales sequences. Record videos and access video libraries without leaving Klenty. Track video engagement.

Make every email memorable. Skyrocket response rates.



Show and Sell with images

  • Use placeholders like company name, first name, etc, and make each image personal to your prospects.
  • Get creative with your images by editing them on the go using different shapes, text overlay, etc.

Make your emails memorable and fun. Get better engagement rates.



Make a splash in every inbox

  • So, placeholders make your prospects feel warm and connected. Nope, we didn’t think so.
  • Create custom emails for every prospect with Liquid Templates. Don’t just alter the first name. Or just a few lines. Use dynamic formulas to assemble entire emails on autopilot.

Personalize while you sleep. Wake up to an inbox full of responses.


A pitch in time saves nine

  • Don't miss out on a prospect just because your email landed at the wrong time.
  • Using Delivery Windows, pick the date and time at which you want emails to hit the inbox.

Send timely emails when prospects are ready to talk business. No matter where they live.


Our cake. Your icing.

  • Don’t execute the same generic sequence for every prospect.
  • Use Preview & Edit to add an extra layer of personalization for critical prospects. Find 95% of the sequence done-for-you while you bring the 5% that matters. Approve emails before sending.

Take prospects from ‘’Yeah, so?’’ to ‘’Hell, yeah!’’

The inbox is your oyster.
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