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Looking For Salesloft Alternatives?

Selling shouldn’t have to be a complex, overpriced, slow, mind-numbing affair.

Join 5000+ sales teams who stay organized, work faster and
get more meetings booked with Klenty - a feature-packed,
easy-to-use and affordable Sales Engagement Platform.

Switch from Salesloft

Spam and Pray

Relevant outreach

Tedious manual execution

Fully automated
yet Flexible workflows

Boring sales outreach

Personalization at scale

Complex bloatware

Powerful yet intuitive

3 reasons to choose Klenty as your
Salesloft alternative

Reason 1

Reason 2

Reason 3

Multi-channel Outreach

Break free from channel fatigue. Engage prospects across call, email and Linkedin - from 1 screen. Book meetings faster

  • Call - Place calls and voicemails in 1 click. Record calls and coach effectively. Sync call actions and notes to CRM

  • Linkedin plugin - Batch and execute connect requests, profile visits, messages and Inmails in 1 click. Auto-capture Linkedin data to CRM.

  • Email - Personalize emails with Videos, Dynamic Liquid Formulas and Placeholders. Auto-schedule different actions for prospects based on intent. Preview and edit emails before sending

Automatic Sequence Switching

Salesloft makes you execute the same set of activities for every prospect. Instead, Klenty helps you dynamically switch strategies based on buying intent

  • High Intent Detector - Get notified instantly on prospects who show intent. Klenty moves highly engaged prospects into a ‘Hot’ Sequence full of calls and manual emails.
  • Medium-Intent Medley - Move lightly engaged prospects into a ‘Lukewarm’ Sequence which mixes automated touches with super-personalized actions.
  • Intent Builders - Switch unresponsive prospects into a fully-automated sequence. Stay top of mind till their next buying cycle begins.

Deep 2-way CRM Integrations

Don't drown in manual work. Use Klenty’s deep CRM Integrations to update records and turn CRM data into action with zero manual work.

  • 2-way Data Sync - Add multi-channel engagement data, email copies, notes and replies to CRM. And vice versa
  • 2-way Field Sync : CRM Fields and Custom Fields become mapped in Klenty. Updates flow in both directions between the tools.
  • Sales Stage Triggers - Klenty auto-creates a lead, contact or a deal in your CRM. Update information at whichever stage the prospect is in.
  • CRM Plugin - Execute sales outreach without leaving your CRM. Followup without skipping a beat

5000+ Customers

From mid-market to enterprise - trusted by Sales Leaders who value seamless execution

The SalesLoft alternative that fits your bill.
And your tech stack.

Affordable pricing

Why bother with a tool that hides its pricing
behind a complex review process?

  • Klenty, on the other hand, makes life easy with an affordable 3-tier pricing plan. The pricing’s right there on our pricing page.
  • Klenty starts from $35/account/month. Start scaling Sales with us. Upgrade as you grow. Pay only for what you need.
  • Want to try before you buy? Take a free, self-serve,
    14-day trial! Or a demo if you prefer.

Beautiful yet easy interface

  • Don't bother with a complex, clunky tool whose many features you may not even need. The slower the tool, the slower you become.
  • Instead, choose Klenty’s simple yet powerful interface. Our platform was built keeping your reps in mind.
  • Set-up Klenty in 5 minutes- its as easy as that. Kickstart sales outreach with a platform your reps will actually love.

Customer - Obsessed Support

  • Salesloft’s support may make you wait hours before you get a solution.
  • Not so with Klenty. Our industry-leading support team is here to help you out 24/7! We get back to you in 5 minutes or less- that’s a promise.
  • With Klenty, your journey with us doesn’t end when you buy. It only begins.

Ticks all the boxes. And then some

1. Prospect management

Stay organized without lifting a finger. Add and manage prospects seamlessly. Klenty automatically keeps your database updated so you never contact a bounced prospect, the same prospect twice or execute irrelevant actions for a prospect who has replied.

2. Personalization

Stand out in every inbox. Drive deeper engagement with prospects through personalizing outreach based on prospect data, delivery time and intent signals. 3x your reply rates.

3. Multi-channel outreach

Integrate calls and Linkedin tasks into your sales sequence. Double your call volume. Batch and execute Linkedin tasks in 1 click. Get faster responses.

4. Deliverability

Escape spam filters and land emails in inboxes. Never struggle to get your foot in the prospect’s door again.

5. CRM & Other Integrations

Don’t waste time on tedious admin work. Keep your CRM updated automatically. Choose a Sales Engagement Platform that plays nice with your entire tech stack.

6. Plugins & Other Extensions

Outreach right from your inbox. Avoid juggling tools. Execute faster with the most intuitive plugin you’ve ever experienced..

7. Analytics & Dashboards

Know what’s working, and what isn’t. Measure the outcomes and activity volume of every rep. Analyze the performance of every list, sequence and step. Optimize your strategy based on data.

It changed our business. Klenty allowed our outbounds sales team to leverage their time and skills

Gavin Tye

Sales Director , Red Eye

Klenty has helped us engage a far greater number of leads per week, resulting in an outbound revenue jump of 93%

Adam Weinger

President, Double The Donation

With Klenty, every cadence was like having a dialogue with the customer in an automatic way"

Patricia Temiño Alamillo

Digital Business Lead, Customeer

Pricing Plans

From startups to large enterprises


Save up to 36%


Save up to 18%



For small teams, getting started with sales email outreach.



per user/month

billed annually

  • Email Cadences
  • API
  • Zapier
  • Gmail Plugin
  • Mail Merge


For growing teams, scaling outreach with multichannel sales engagement.



per user/month

billed annually

  • Everything in Startup +
  • Cadence Playbooks
  • Multichannel Outreach
  • CRM Integrations
  • Hot Prospects (Beta)
  • Website Tracking
  • Slack Integration
  • Video Personalization


For mature teams, who need advanced reporting and access control.



per user/month

billed annually

  • Everything in Growth +
  • IP based login restrictions
  • Monthly customer
  • success review
  • Monthly deliverability reports

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