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Outbound Agency

SalesLeadGen is a London-based outbound agency that provides a concierge B2B Lead Generation service.

Generated 2X More Leads

Saved 8 hours/week on Manual Work

70+% Response Rate

How SalesLeadGen automated their Cold Email Campaigns and generated 2x more leads


SalesLeadGen is a London-based outbound agency, established in 2015, that provides a B2B Lead Generation service helping clients obtain outbound leads for the top of their sales pipeline through automated email and social media outreach campaigns.

The outbound agency world revolves around performing top-of-the funnel activities such as list building, sending emails and follow ups to cold prospects to generate leads.

For SalesLeadGen, to scale their operations, they needed to automate this entire process so that they could boost lead generation for their clients and expand their own business along the way.

The Problem

SalesLeadGen sources email ids from the social web and stores them in google sheets. Those contacts are then fed into an email tool to run personalized email outreach campaigns at scale. Then, based on activity data such as email opens, clicks, replies etc, prospects who show interest are imported as warm leads into their Hubspot CRM.

SalesLeadgen realized that to make this process more productive, efficient, and minimize time wastage, they needed to automate each step of the way so they could focus on high-value activities that helped in closing more deals.

Therefore, they were in the market for an email automation tool that possessed the exact features which would successfully dovetail with their process and optimize it.

This email automation tool needed to

  • Auto-import contacts from Google sheets into the tool to create a prospect database- meaning a strong integration with Google Sheets
  • Run highly personalized cold email campaigns on autopilot as soon as contacts were added
  • Test out cold emails to optimize performance through split testing
  • Provide detailed reports and performance metrics
  • Create deals in Hubspot CRM automatically as soon as prospects showed any activity- necessitating a native integration with Hubspot CRM

Nick Gilbert, the Managing Director and Co-founder of SalesLeadGen, had therefore explored several sales automation tools in his quest to find the best fit for SalesLeadGen’s requirements.

That was until he came across Klenty.

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What Klenty offered was a Sales Automation tool with powerful features that eliminated most of their manual work and delivered end-to-end automation.

From automating the import of contacts from Google Sheets, running personalized email campaigns to automatically creating deals in Hubspot, Klenty succeeded in taking any manual work out of the equation, thereby unlocking massive productivity gains for SalesLeadGen and their clients.

Run Personalized outreach campaigns by auto importing prospects

Klenty’s strong integration with Google Sheets meant that auto-importing data from Google Sheets into Klenty’s prospect database was a breeze. From there, these contacts were automatically pushed into personalized cold email campaigns without any manual interference.

With customization critical in making cold emails feel personal, SalesLeadGen were able to use Klenty’s ‘Custom Fields’ feature to develop dynamic fields, which helped in sending personalized cold emails at scale.

Optimizing campaigns with A/B testing to boost performance

Once campaigns were up and running, Nick needed to test the emails to optimize their outreach performance and show the different results to the clients. That was where Klenty’s A/B testing feature proved clutch, as SalesLeadGen were able to execute split testing using a single interface, eliminating the irritation of using multiple cadences and then laboriously examining each to arrive at the results.

What Nick Says

Split testing is an important feature for any outbound marketing agency because you have to demonstrate to your clients that you are following a methodology which allows for some initial market testing, and then through a process of iteration, will deliver continually improving results for them in term of opens, clicks and therefore Marketing Qualified Leads

Eliminating manual data entry in Hubspot CRM

Once email campaigns were powered up and optimized, Klenty’s native integration with Hubspot ensured that prospect engagement data like email opens, link clicks etc could be detected and synced automatically with the client’s Hubspot CRM through the ‘Triggers and Actions’ feature in Klenty.

Whenever a prospect opened a cold email, clicked a link or replied, actions such as setting up deals would be automatically enabled in Hubspot using the 'Triggers and Actions' feature.

Through this Advanced CRM Workflow, the clients could work towards closing the deals with warm leads right from their CRM without juggling between the email tool and Hubspot.

Thus the Klenty-Hubspot integration led to 2 major benefits:

  • SalesLeadGen's clients were instantly aware of the status of their leads at any given time by simply logging into Hubspot.
  • With warm leads in the CRM, clients could immediately work on guiding the leads further down the sales funnel towards successful deals without worrying about manually scooping warm leads from the email tool and adding them to their CRM.

What Nick Says

The Klenty-Hubspot integration was another critical feature for us, as our goal is to create a completely automated prospecting workflow for each client. We push contacts from the SalesLeadgen data platform into Klenty, and as Klenty emails these prospects, the contacts sync automatically into Hubspot, so the client then has a full audit trail of all communications within their CRM.

The Final Results

Nick was delighted with the fact that SalesLeadGen's entire workflow was completely automated and optimized, meaning that

  • Klenty’s powerful email automation took laborious manual work out of the equation and helped SalesLeadGen and its clients focus on more important tasks like following up on hot leads by scheduling and organizing demos, and other steps which helped in closing more deals.
  • Since every step of the process was completely automated, SalesLeadGen actually needed to log into Klenty just once or twice a day, to make changes to the email templates and check metrics using Klenty's comprehensive Reports and Analytics- thereby saving a lot of stress and time.


The future of Outbound Sales lies in Automation.

Automation is the key for Outbound Sales teams to completely optimize their high-volume top-of-the-funnel sales activities such as cold email campaigns, and focus on closing deals.

And with a sales automation tool like Klenty, what you get is personalized email campaigns and automated follow ups alongside tight native integrations with your CRM in one single package.

What does that lead to?

Complete automation of personalized cold email campaigns ----> Productivity jump ----> Higher sales

Think Outbound. Think Automation. Think Klenty.

Light up the top of your sales funnel with us!

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