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Dial 3X More Prospects
per Day

Klenty’s Power Dialer automatically dials a selected list
of prospects one after the other in just one click.
Save at least 2 mins on every call you make. Increase
your talk time by 400%.

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Why Should You Use A Power Dialer
For Your Calling Needs?

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Scale Call Volume

Power Dialer eliminates the need to punch numbers or click the dial button for every prospect by automating the dialing process. Call 3x more prospects daily without increasing your workload.

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Increase Dial-to-Talk Time Ratio

Power Dialer reduces the downtime between calls by immediately dialing the next number as soon as a call goes unanswered or goes to the voicemail. Increase your talk time by 400% by having more conversations.

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Improve Calling Flow

Power Dialer minimizes the idle time between each call by allowing you to adjust the pacing of calls. Drastically reduce idle periods between calls and save 2-3 hours a week.

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Klenty’s Power Dialer

3X Your Dialing Volume Without Wasting Time On Clicks Or Data Entry

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What Do you Get With The Power Dialer?

Automatic Dialing

As soon as you hit ‘Start Session’, the Power Dialer calls a
list of prospects one after the other automatically. Zero
effort required. The next number is dialed automatically as
soon as the current call outcome is marked or if it reaches
the voicemail or all the available numbers are busy.

Time Delay Between Dials

You can set the number of seconds to wait between each
call or use the pause button to stop dialing. You can have
complete control over the pace of the calls.

Automatic Status Marking

You will be able to automatically drop pre-recorded
messages as soon as the prospect’s answering machine
starts. You do not need to spend time saying the same
message again and again every again.

Automatic Local Number Assignment

The Local Numbers feature lets you call prospects from
their own area code so prospects trust you when you call.
You do not need to waste your energy on changing the
From number for every call.

Automatic Status Marking

Power Dialer automatically marks the status of your
calls and marks call tasks as complete. No admin

Talk Time vs Dial Time Session Reports

At the end of every session, you’ll get a report
detailing your call volume, number of connects, and
your dialing duration.

With Klenty’s Power Dialer, You Get More Than
Just A Power Dialer

Not only do you get a power dialer, but there's also a range of other features to improve your calling experience

CRM Dialer

CRM Dialer

Access the Power Dialer from right within your CRM dashboard. You can do one-off calls or any call activity that is a part of your sales cadence without leaving your CRM.

CRM Dialer

Call Logs

Every call you make using the Power Dialer is automatically logged into your CRM system without manual intervention.

CRM Dialer

Call Recording & Transcription

You can record every call and transcribes it automatically. You will be able to do a detailed review and analysis of the calls to spot areas for improvement.

CRM Dialer

Call Reports

Closely monitor and analyze call activity metrics across various timelines for every sales rep in your team.

What A Day With The Power Dialer Looks Like


More Dials


More Talk Time


Meetings Booked

Become The High-Energy, High-Impact Cold Caller
You’ve Always Wanted to Be

Whip up a dialing frenzy with the Power Dialer