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Analyze 250 Minutes
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  • Turn hours of reviewing calls into minutes
  • Understand what plays top-performing reps
    use to win deals
  • Keep reps focused on prospects,
    not note-taking
  • Ensure a clean, updated CRM
  • Maintain a repository of successful calls
    to train new reps

Experience How Conversation
Intelligence Improves Deal Win Rates

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Create Personalized Sales Emails, Call Scripts and LinkedIn Messages In
hours animated Seconds

Have you noticed how many hours you throw away on written sales communication? When all you long to do is
focus on conversations with prospects? It’s unfair.

Kai- Klenty’s AI Cadence Writer erases all writing activities from your to-do list. So you can
spend more time doing what you love- selling.

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Using Kai Means You’ll Never Rehash Outdated Templates. Or Request Marketing For Emails Again.


Kai is The Only AI Writer That Creates Sales Communications Across Multiple Channels

Call Scripts

Go from using the same stale
old scripts to fresh, custom talk tracks that
take more conversations to ‘Yes!’.

Personalized Emails

Stop punching the keyboard.
Start punching the air in victory when response
after response floods your inbox.

LinkedIn Messages

Get LinkedIn messages so thoughtfully
crafted, your prospects remember them
when you call them next.


Become The Cold Email Pro
On Your Sales Floor

When you follow the suggestions given by Kai, you’ll find other reps asking, “How did you write that?” and secretly wishing they could steal your sales emails.

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Email Scoring

The AI uses 7+ parameters to evaluate your emails and score them.

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Email Recommendations

Informed by 500+ successful templates, the AI Engine delivers suggestions to improve existing emails.

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Email Enhancements

Short on time? Let AI edit fluff, make pain points stronger, remove spam words and change email tone.

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Kai Writes Emails So Personalized, Your Prospects Wonder If You’re Reading Their Mind

If sales outreach has ever felt like screaming into a void, those days are now over. Picture your emails being the first thing every prospect opens, reads and responds to.

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The AI scans your
prospect’s website and
LinkedIn profile.

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The AI picks out ‘personalization points’ and organizes them by hierarchy.

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You select the information
most likely to resonate- or let
the AI do it.

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The AI inserts hyper-personalized openers, ‘problem sentences’ and CTAs to your emails.

Kai Writes Emails So Personalized

An AI Assistant That Makes You Look Like a Productivity Powerhouse To Your Leadership

Sales managers LOVE productive reps, don’t they?

Automatic Responses

Place call after call without dialing.
Use voicemails to increase call connect rates.
Sync all notes to CRM.

Automatic Editing

Kai understands natural language.
Leave comments on edits you need for a
whole email or changes for individual sentences.
Watch the AI do it’s magic.

Every Time You Generate Personalized Outreach With Kai,
You’ll Be Astonished At How Much Time You Save

Your only regret will be that you didn’t have it sooner in your sales career.