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Best Email
Tracking Tools

The best tools that help you track your emails after you hit send. Keep a tab on all your prospects who are opening, clicking and replying to your emails!


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Until 2005...
If you were a sales rep sending an email to your prospects from your gmail account, you had no clue about whether the email reached them or if it was opened or if they clicked on links that you sent them.
You were clueless. It was like almost shooting in the dark.
But it's different now...
Now we have a variety of tools that can help you track the emails you send, provide read receipts, show you when, where and how many times your email was read.
Why should you track your emails?
Helps gauge prospect's interest: Seeing what links your prospect has clicked or how many times they have opened your email can give you a fair idea about how interested your prospect is in your product/service. You can plan your follow-up strategy accordingly and generate more leads.
Helps with Optimization: Tracking your emails will help you optimize your cold email campaigns effectively. You can see which emails are being opened the most, you can know which time/day are best to send emails, which subject lines are working, etc.
With Klenty, you can get real-time updates on how your outreach is performing. You’ll be notified every time your email is opened, or when you receive a reply. Klenty also helps you track links within your emails, giving you adequate insights on what links are being clicked. Using this information, you can optimize future campaigns for better engagement rates.
Apart from open, link, and reply tracking, Klenty is a powerful sales automation tool. You can manage prospects, run personalized cadences for leads, follow-up at scale, track daily activities, seamlessly sync dataflow to CRMs, and much more. Using Klenty, managing leads and closing deals is easier.
Klenty has plans starting from $50 per user/month.


One of the leading dedicated email tracking tools in the market currently, Mailtrack.io lets you know when your recipients click on your links in your email, notifies you in real-time when and how many times your emails are being opened. It also has the double-check feature.
They follow the freemium model. Their paid plans start from
$1.50 per user/month.


A simple email tracking plugin, MailTracker helps track your emails sent from your Gmail. You’ll get notified instantly when your emails are being opened.
It’s completely free!


With Yesware you can see who opens your emails, links, and attachments. Know which pages or slides of attached documents were opened, how long did the recipient spend on it, and how often they accessed it. Get instant alerts on when your emails are being opened or clicked.
Yesware also provides you with a set of other time saving inbox tools like send later, set reminders, creating email templates for commonly used messages, meeting scheduler, automatic follow-ups, and more.
Paid plans for Yesware start from $12 per user/month.

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Email tracking in Mixmax lets you see when your mail has been opened and how many times it has been read. Even if you send your email to a group, you can see which individual opened your message, so that you can follow up correctly.
Mixmax also lets you schedule meetings, create the perfect email templates, schedule emails to be sent later, conduct polls and surveys, attach email signatures, and much more.
Is has a free plan where you can track 100 emails/month. If you want more, they have plans starting from $12 per user/month.


Using Streak you can track the emails that you send. Streak send you real-time alerts when your emails are being opened, and you’ll know exactly when to follow up. With their email sidebar, you can see the history of your email opens to understand how your emails are performing.
Streak turns your Gmail into a CRM tool. It’s easy to keep track of emails as they are grouped together in stages across a pipeline. Using Streak it’s easy to send bulk emails, schedule emails, and create separate email threads for different teams like sales, support, product, and HR.
It follows a freemium model. If you want more than the free plan, they have paid ones starting from $59 per user/month.


Boomerang’s email tracking software notifies you when a email is opened and when a link in the email is being clicked. It also tracks how many times each email is being opened or link being clicked. Boomerang also provides read receipts to the emails you have sent.
There are many other features such as send an email later, setting reminders to follow up, pausing your inbox to get things done and more come with Boomerang.
Apart from their free plan, Boomerang has paid plans starting from $4.99 per month.


Newton is an email tool which comes with a pretty solid email tracking feature. With Newton’s email tracking, you’ll get to know when your emails are being opened and who opens them. This email tracking solution works with multiple email services like, Gmail, IMAP, iCloud, Outlook, and so on.
They also have apps across iOS and Android to make things easier on the go. Apart from tracking, you can also get useful information about senders, snooze your inbox, save email to your favourite apps, and more.
Newton has a subscription plan starting from $49.99 annually.

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With ClearSlide, sales reps receive real-time alerts of email opens, clicks and page-by-page analytics to prioritize and customize your follow-ups. You will also get notified of email forwards so that you can see who else in the organisation are seeing your emails. This data can help you see your email performance and how you can optimize it for maximum outreach.
Apart from tracking, ClearSlide has a range of sales engagement tools that transforms the way sales teams work with customers.A fully web-based service that is easy-to-use boosts sales rep productivity, improves effectiveness and increases impact and consistency of messaging.
ClearSlide’s paid plans start from $35 per user/month.

Contact Monkey

Not only can you see who opened your emails, ContactMonkey also lets you know when, where, and on what device was your email opened. You can prioritize and plan your follow ups based on which prospect has opened your emails the most.
Features like schedule later, email analytics, integration with Salesforce, and measure internal comms straight from your inbox.
ContactMonkey has paid plans from $15 per user/month.

Email Analytics

EmailAnalytics is an email analytics tool that allows you to track your email use and visualize the Gmail metrics. It also allows you to add your team members or employees and track and compare their email analytics.
Their basic plan starts from $15/mailbox/month which is compatible with Gmail. They also provide a free trial for 14 days.


Groove allows you to track your emails. With this you can find when, where and by whom your emails are being opened. All the emails you have tracked will have a tracking history in the respective email thread. This gives you an unique insight on the prospect.
This tool also gives you all the important Salesforce data right into your Gmail inbox. Using Groove you can get account and market insights, lead analysis, accurate lead data and company data, record calls, get email analytics, data enrichment, lead builder, and more.
Contact for pricing.


Polymail delivers real-time notifications on when your emails are being opened, links are clicked, or downloaded. With this you can gauge lead interest and follow up perfectly.
You can also instantly schedule meetings, set follow up reminders, integrate with Salesforce, share email templates with your team to save time, and obtain team analytics to measure and optimize your team’s performance.
Polymail has paid plans starting from $13 per month.


Mailtag provides a simple email tracking tool that gives an overview of emails sent, opened, link clicks etc. You can also check the emails, link clicks, upto 3 ping sequences (Follow-up) per email and email scheduling in the free option.
To track unlimited number of follow-ups, you have to upgrade to their pro plan which comes at $25 per user/annually.

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GetNotify is another email tracking tool that works by adding their address. Add “.getnotify.com” at the end of the recipient’s mail address and start tracking your mail. The application shows when the mail was delivered, when it was opened and how much time was spent on the mail.
They have a limit of 5 mails a day and that can be increased when you give a small donation to their website.

Cirrus Insight

Cirrus Insight is convenient email tracking software that lets you track emails, book meetings and schedule follow-ups. The tool will send you open alerts, enables reply tracking, see how the links attached are opened etc.
It is available for Gmail, Outlook, Office 365, and mobile devices. There’s a 14 day free trial after which the basic monthly plan starts at $28 a month ($19 a month when paid annually).


Sparkpost provides E-mail tracking as one of the features. With it, you can know when an email is opened, clicked-through, or bounced. It also sends real-time notifications of any activity related to your mail.
The email tracking feature is part of their basic plan, which is available for free.


Nimble provides email tracking as one of its several features. With Nimble you can track email opens, replies, and how the recipients are engaging with your links and attachments Like most email tracking tools, it also provides real-time notifications.
Their pricing starts from $12/month ($9 when billed annually).


Docsify shows you how each recipient opens emails, attachments, clicks links, and views each page of documents and websites. The tool sends real-time notifications of the engagement in your emails.
They have a free plan with which you can track upto 100 mails/month. For unlimited tracking, their pricing starts at $9/month.


An excellent tool for email tracking, followup.cc send you real-time notification when your contact open your emails. Using this, you can reach out to them at the correct moment.
Followup.cc also allows you to schedule emails to be sent later, set reminders, and automate your follow-up emails.
They have paid plans starting from $23 per month.

Send Cold Emails and Follow-up Emails
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