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It's Always Be
‘Calling’ not ‘Dialing’
for a Reason

Wave goodbye to binge-dialing. Switch to a Sales Dialer that allows you to become the Cold Calling Machine you've always wanted to be. Connect faster and win more meetings every day.

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Turn the Dial from Drudgery to Delight


Local Number




Call Notes

Call Outcome

Incoming Voicemail


Action Replay

  • It’s impossible to sit on every call with every rep.
    Without being present on calls, you have no way
    to distinguish good calls from bad.
  • Enter Call Recorder. Review calls effortlessly and find coachable moments in every call. Identify winning call behaviors, and replicate across your entire team.

Be on call without being on call. Turn every rep into
a rockstar.

Local Number

Think Global, Dial Local.

  • Prospects are less likely to pick up calls from international numbers, or numbers with a different area code.
  • Get local numbers and focus on your pitch
    instead of waiting for a “Hello”.

Achieve more pickups and less hang-ups.


1-Click Action.
Rapid-Fire Execution.

  • When you are in the Dial Zone, every second matters.
    Every click matters. Page load time matters.
  • Klenty’s Dialer helps you place calls with 1 click. Execute
    call after call easily with zero friction. Block off all other tasks. Even your manager.

Your prospects are now just 1 click away with a Dialer
you actually love.


Mic Drop, Non-Stop.

  • Sales reps spend 15% of their day recording the same voicemail over and over again. Why not take a smarter approach?
  • With Klenty’s Voicemail Drop, pre-record personalized voicemails and send with 1 click. Store voicemails and focus on calls, not repeating voicemails.

Win more callbacks, follow-ups, and higher call connect rates. Make every prospect count.


Get the Whole Story.
And, All the Little Stories.

  • Not being able to track what your reps are doing on Dial Duty, makes it impossible to measure performance and coach.
  • Klenty generates Call Reports, so you know the outcomes
    and volume of activities achieved by every rep. Automatically sync your call data and notes to your CRM. Review context
    and performance without leaving your system of record.

Reward your rockstars. Coach your future rockstars.
Build a winning sales culture driven by data.

Call Notes

A Noteworthy Call

  • It’s always a frustrating task to take notes, then retype
    your notes into the CRM.
  • With Call Notes, you can write your notes directly into the CRM. No more squinting at your own handwriting.

Sync your notes directly into the CRM while still focusing
on calls.

Call Outcome

Cause and Effect

  • Not sure about the next step, because you can’t remember
    the outcome of your call?
  • With Klenty, finish your call and mark the outcome right away. Now, onto the next call.

Always know where you stand with every prospect.

Incoming Voicemail

After the BEEP

  • Afraid of missing a prospect’s call, if you’re not at your desk
    all the time?
  • With Klenty's Incoming Voicemail feature, your prospects
    can now leave you voicemail. Go get that coffee now.

Follow-up immediately while the prospect is hot.

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