The Ultimate Collection of Cold Email Templates

For your sales outreach

Published on April 19, 2017

Sending Cold emails to prospects is one of the most widely used effective strategies for finding new customers. Every successful salesperson has, in their repertoire of tools and techniques, a set of cold email templates which she has tested and used with a high degree of success.

Sending a cold email is just the first step in attempting to open a conversation with your prospect. Even if some one has a need for your product or offering, it often takes 7-10 touches and followups before you get a response. Not only do you need an effective email for your first cold approach, you also need to have effective templates to followup and give them more reasons to start a conversation with you.

Thankfully with email automation tools like Klenty, you can setup email cadences and journeys that can automate the process of following up with your prospects at scale. With features like reply detection, the minute your prospect replies to your cold email, the campaign stops and you can continue the conversation with your prospects.

A Checklist For Your Email Templates

Before you send your email, here is a quick checklist to run through to make sure your emails are well crafted

  • Keep your message short – remember that a significant portion of your emails will be read on mobile phones. So not more than 5-6 sentences.
  • It should be about your prospect and not about you
  • Always keep it personalized
  • It should convey the value your product will add
  • Focus on a single question/ Call to Action
  • Show credibility and build relationships
  • It should sound natural and not salesy

At the end of the day, you also need to keep in mind that any email template has a limited shelf life. If a given template is successful, more people start using it and it loses its charm. Use the templates provided below as inspiration. But more importantly, edit them, adapt them and make them more relevant for your own offering.

Table Of Contents

  1. First Touch Templates: Use these templates when sending the first cold email to your prospect.
    1. Referral Templates: When you write to some one higher up in the prospect organization and request an introduction to the right person
    2. Direct Sales Outreach Templates: Write directly to the appropriate person in your target company and engage in a sales conversation
    3. Value Add Outreach Templates: Write directly to the appropriate person in your target company, to share some thing of value and build a relationship
  2. Followup Templates: Use these templates to followup at scale
    1. Checking in: Remind the prospect gently that you have written to them earlier and you are awaiting a reply
    2. Adding Value: Add value to your prospect, and in the process - remind them of your commercial intent
    3. Use Humor: Add some humor to make your followup email stand out
  3. Breakup Email Templates: Typically the last touch in your outreach

First Touch Templates

Referral 1: Who is the right person?

This is an example of referral template that is pointed and direct. This template uses the subject line to do all the work – it is not salesy and does not attempt to convince the recipient on the benefits of your offering/ product etc. The subject line is used to providing context. And the [leading general statement] provides additional information about the function/person you are trying to contact.

Subject: Implementing XYZ at {{Company}}

Hi {{FirstName}},

I am trying to figure out who is incharge of [leading general statement] there at {{Company}}.

Would you mind pointing me towards the right person and the best way I might get in touch with them.?

Referral 2: Value Proposition

This is a simple and direct template that goes straight to the point. It does not waste time with personal introductions or pleasantries. If you have a strong value proposition where you helped a similar company achieve an important benefit, then this template might be a good way to ask for a referral.

Sub: {{FirstName}},

Hi {{FirstName}},

We recently helped a start up [insert result] by [what you do]. Can you point me to the person who handles [what you do] to discuss further.

Referral 3: Who is the best person?

This referral email template provides some additional context for the outreach. Again the reason this template stands out is that it is not salesly. Is not making a big ask (meeting/ call etc).

All you are trying to do is establish if there is a need for your solution. Also mentioning that you were doing research on the prospect company to establish fit – makes it less pushy.

Subject: Looking for best [insert job area where you’d like to start] contact

Hi {{FirstName}},

I am doing some research on your company to determine if there is (or is not) a need for [insert your strongest pain point].

Could you please help me by pointing me to the best person there for a brief discussion?

Referral 4: Open with a compliment

This is a referral email template that opens with a compliment to the prospect. Then you simply put forth your value proposition and request to be pointed to the responsible person. This template works because you begin with a compliment and also brief them on how you can add value and in return you make a simple ask to be guided to the correct person.

Hi {{First name}},

I really like the clean design and usability of your website. It’s really, really good.

{Your brief value proposition} and would like to speak with someone who is responsible for this area of your marketing, at {prospect’s company}.

Are you the right person to speak about this? If not, who do you recommend I should contact?

Many thanks,

Referral 5: Synergies

This is a referral template that you can use to reach someone who can help you introduce to your prospect. The subject line does all the talking. It is direct and questions if they are willing to help. The mail provides the reason why you want to connect. It helps you to make your point stronger by stating how you helped the prospects competitor in the past similarly.

Subject: Can you put me in touch with {decision maker}?

Hey {{FirstName}},

Was hoping that you might be able to introduce me to {decision maker} at {prospect’s company}?

I wanted to connect with {him/her} because our email lists target a similar demographic with limited overlap. Seeing our products are non-competitive, I wanted to touch base to see if {he/she} was up for brainstorming ways to leverage our existing user bases to grow both of our lists.

We did this with {prospect’s competitor} in the past, and both parties received a 15% lift in new subscribers.

Any help is much appreciated.


Referral 6: Scaling Customer Acquisition

This is another referral email template that you can use if you are approaching to help in scaling your prospects customer acquisition. The mail is just trying to establish if your prospect is interested in scaling customer acquisition. And if yes then who is the contact person.


One of our clients was able to acquire about 6,000 customers at half of their target cost per acquisition number. Is this something that might interest you right now?

If so, can you point me in the direction of the person that handles this?

Referral 7: Connecting based on online profile

This is a referral email template that you can use when trying to connect with someone whose profile you came across the web. The template is ideal for a first touch as it begins with an intro to yourself and brief pitch of your product. The template works because we are confirming that we are connecting to the correct person or requesting to be pointed to the right person. It simply closes with a request for a call to discuss how your product can provide value.

Hi {{FirstName}},

My name is [my name] and I head up business development efforts with [my company]. We recently launched a new platform that [one sentence pitch].

I am taking an educated stab in the dark here, however, based on your online profile, you appear to be an appropriate person to connect with … or might at least point me in the right direction.

I’d like to speak with someone from [company] who is responsible for [handling something that’s relevant to my product].

If that’s you, are you open to a fifteen-minute call on _________ [time and date] to discuss ways the [company name] platform can specifically help your business? If not you, can you please put me in touch with the right person?

I appreciate the help!



Referral 8: The Elevator pitch

This is an example of a referral template that is very specific and data driven. The subject line states the metric you want to discuss. This is an useful template when approaching a data/ metrics driven prospect

Subject: Scaling Customer Acquisition

One of our clients was able to [improve metric by number] at half of their target cost per acquisition number. Is this something that might interest you right now?If so, can you point me in the direction of the person that handles this?


Referral 9: I looked at your site

Indicating that you spent some time on their website and have done your research is a good way to start a cold email. The template provided below is an example of one such approach.

Hi {{FirstName}}

This is {your name} with {your company name}. I just took a quick look at your site and noticed that {prospect’s company} looks similar to many of the SaaS clients that we help every day.

I’m sure you’re already thinking about engagement metrics and ROI by acquisition source, but I’d love to get a sense for how you’re uncovering that data and share some insights we’ve learned along the way towards understanding the story behind your business.

If I’ve got the right person, can we connect in the next few days? If not, who would you recommend I speak with?


Referral 10: Good fit

This is another referral template that is simple and direct. It begins with a brief intro about you and your product. Without being too salesy, it establishes your market position and requests for a referral to the right person.

Hi {{FirstName}},

I hope this note finds you well.

I’ve been working for a company called {my company} that specializes in X, Y and Z. In thinking about your role at {company}, I thought there might be a good fit for your group.

Our {product name} has garnered a lot of attention in the marketplace and I think it’s something that your organization might see immediate value in.

Can you help me get in contact with the right decision-maker?


Referral 11: With a Blurb

This is a referral email template that you can use to ask for an introduction. In order to make it easy for the referrer, you may also provide a blurb. The subject line clearly states the motive of the mail. The mail itself is direct. Reminds the conversation and then simply asks for an introduction with the interested person mentioned in the conversation. You send a blurb to make it easier for them to introduce.

Subject: Introduction to {contact name}?

Hey {{FirstName}},

It was fantastic meeting you last week at [event]. I enjoyed our conversation about [topic discussed].

As we were discussing what I’m working on, you mentioned that you know [contact name] over at [company name] and how [s/he]’s an expert in this space. If you’re willing, an introduction to [contact name] would be greatly beneficial and [s/he] might be interested in learning more.

I understand you might have a lot going on so I attached a short blurb below to make the introduction as easy as possible. Would you be able to take a moment to introduce me?


Direct Sales Outreach

While writing one level above and asking for a referral was a good (and perhaps necessary) approach a few years ago, these days with social media tools like Linkedin and other sources of data, it is usually quite easy to find the appropriate person and write to them directly.

Here are a few templates where we write directly to the Prospect who is in charge and explain why they should talk to you.

Direct 1: Mutual connection

This is a first touch email template that you can use to get in touch with someone by referring to a mutual connection. The subject line is easily noticeable with the mention of the name of the mutual connection. The template is simple and not salesy. It gives a brief intro of yourself and your company and then tries to establish the need for your product.

Subject: [mutual connection] recommended we get in touch.

Hi {{FirstName}},

[Mutual connection] recommended we get in touch. I work for a company called company name] that does [X, Y, and Z].

In thinking about your role at [company}, I thought there might be a great fit for your group.

Our [product name] has been extremely well-received in the marketplace and I think it’s something that might be helpful for you!

Do you have time to chat next week?


Direct 2: Trigger based outreach

Triggers are a very effective way to personalise your cold emails. This template uses a recent event as a trigger to congratulating and connect that with how you helped other similar companies adapt to the changes arising due to the event.

Subject: Congrats! Have you thought of [business value]?

Hey {{FirstName}},
Because I work so much with [your targeted industry], I constantly follow industry news. I’ve noticed that you recently [company action]. Congrats!

Usually when that happens, [business value] becomes a priority. That’s why I thought you might be interested in finding out how we helped [similar company] get going quickly in their new direction – without any of the typical glitches.

If you’d like to learn more, let’s set up a quick call. How does [specific day and time] look on your calendar?



Direct 3: Ideas for you

This is a first touch email template that you can use to contact someone directly when you have done some research and have specific ideas to improve their business. The subject line stands out and conveys what the mail is about. After a brief intro about you, your company and your clientele the mail jumps to explaining the idea to improve business and it closes with a meeting request to discuss more such ideas.

Subject: A few ideas: How you can improve sales

My name is {{your name}} and we work with companies like {{Company names}} to improve their sales.

I’ve already started looking at {{Company name}} and I have a few ideas about how you can drastically increase your {{type of sales}}. For example, {{how you can help with existing issue}}.

I have a lot more ideas that may be useful for you. Do you have time on {{Date and Time}} for a 15-minute Hangout or Skype call?

Direct 4: Resort to Outright Flattery

When approaching some one who is very well known in your industry, you can use this template as inspiration to draft your cold email

Subject: It’s finally great to connect with a sales legend

Hi {{FirstName}}

I have to say this right off the bat: I really admire the work you’ve done at {{company}} and how you’ve improved {{what they’ve done}}. I would love to pick your brain on {{Their specific skill}}.

I think you can continue to increase those sales with {{your services}}. Time is precious but I wouldn’t as if there wasn’t some substantial benefit for you.  Can I steal you away for a 15-minute phone call tomorrow at {{insert time}}?


Direct 5: LinkedIn article

This is a first touch email template that you can use when you come across an article that your prospect has written on LinkedIn. You can use this template to inform about coming across the article and how it can help others you know facing the same challenge. Without being too pushy, it requests for a meeting.

Hi {{FirstName}},

The article you shared on LinkedIn yesterday addresses a challenge that I’ve heard two sales directions mention this week. Your unique perspective would be beneficial for them to hear.

We help sales execs improve their reps success with a similar approach. Do you have 5 mins to speak on Wednesday or Thursday afternoon this week?

Direct 6: General Truth

This is a first touch email template that you can use to approach a prospect directly. You can use this template if you want to get straight to the point. With a one line introduction and a value proposition, this template is simple and direct.

Hi {(FirstName}},

{Your Name} from {Your Company} here.

Companies make more sales with consistent marketing. {Your Company} can put proven sales tools into the hands of everyone who sells your product.

If that sound useful, I can explain how it works.


Direct 7: Learn about you

This is another first touch email template. The subject line shows your intent to connect and help. The template is direct with a brief about intro about you and your product. Then it pitches your intention to learn more about a particular point that you can help with and closes a schedule for a call.

Subject:{Company Name} + {Your Company}

Hi {{FirstName}},

My name is {Your Name} with {Your Company}.

We help {specific company type} with {one liner}.

I wanted to learn how you handle {thing your company handles} at {Company Name} and show you what we’re working on.

Are you available for a brief call at {time options}?


Direct 8: Use Numbers and Stats

This email template relies heavily on numbers and stats to introduce a sense of credibility. Rather than provide a vague directional sense of how you can help your prospect, this template gets really specific.

Subject: Are you up for a 70% increase in your top-line revenue?

Hello {{FirstName}},

What would it mean to your top-line revenue if you saw a 70% increase in contact rates, 50% improvement in closes, and 40% increase in quota-hitting sales reps?

Let’s find a few minutes to talk about how {your company name} is providing these results to our clients.

I’m available tomorrow {insert 2 times you’re available}. Can we sync up?


Direct 9: Quick Call

This is a first touch email template that you can use to approach your prospect directly. The subject line provides an attractive value proposition. Apart from being very clear on the benefit offered, this template provides social proof to make the case more compelling.

Subject: 10x [prospect’s company name] traction in 10 minutes

I have an idea that I can explain in 10 minutes that can get [company] its next 100 best customers.

I recently used this idea to help our client [SaaS company/competitor] almost triple their monthly run rate.

[First name], let’s schedule a quick 10-minute call so I can share the idea with you. When works best for you?


Direct 10: Analysis on your product

This template works because your email copy is focused on how you analyzed and found that your new product can provide value to the prospect. Also the objective of the call is positioned as "getting your opinion" - which is always an easier CTA than a sales pitch.

Hi {{FirstName}},

I really like what you’ve done so far with {company} and we genuinely believe it has a great potential.

Earlier this week we’ve basically done an analysis with a new product that we recently launched and found that you have an easy 15% revenue improvements. We were a bit surprised as the average result that we get with similar websites is around 9%.

I’d really like to give you a quick call sometime next week to show you the results and get your opinion.

Let me know your thoughts.


Direct 11: Focus on Benefits

Use this template to demonstrate your understanding of the industry and key issues that your prospects deal with.

{{First Name}},

In working with other (INSERT INDUSTRY OR POSITION), one of the key issues they’re struggling with is (INSERT KEY ISSUE).

This past year we helped numerous companies to (INSERT BUSINESS DRIVER), resulting (MONEY SAVED, REVENUE ADDED, PRODUCTIVITY INCREASES).

If this is something you’re challenged with too, let’s set up a quick call. I have some ideas that might help.

All the best,
{your name}

Direct 12: Talk down your competition?

Want to find a list of companies that use InfusionSoft? Tools like Builtwith allow you to make a list of companies who use a given product (for eg: your competition). You can then approach these companies and talk about how you are better than your competition. This template would be ideal in such a scenario.

Subject: What do you think of {Your competitor’s product}?

Hi {FirstName},

Just ran across your website and noticed you were using {Your competitor’s product}.

How are you liking it?

I run a {service} called {your company}. It’s just like {Your competitor’s product}, only {key differentiator}.

If you’re up for it, I would love to jump on a quick call with you and get your opinion on how we could make {prospect’s company} better (and see if it would make sense for us to work together).

Would {insert 2 times} be a good time for you?

(if not, I’m flexible, just let me know)


Direct 13: Head to Head against your competitor

This is another email template that you can use to connect with someone using your competitor’s product. After a brief introduction of the product mention the key differentiator from your competitor. Focus on how you can solve an issue and not on the features to differentiate. You close it with a request for a call.


Just ran across your website and noticed you were using (COMPETITOR NAME).

How are you liking it?


If you’re up for it, I would love to jump on a quick call with you and get your opinion on how we could make (COMPANY NAME) better (and see if it would make sense for us to work together).

Would (TIME OPTIONS) be a good time for you?

(if not, I’m flexible, just let me know)


Direct 14: Help us…help you

This is a good example of a well structured direct email template. It communicates your understanding of their role/function, your trackrecord in being able to solve their problem/ challenge. The approach is helpful and not pushy.

Subject: Can we help you achieve [goal] too?

Hey {{FirstName}},

In working with other [job title]s, one of the key issues they’re struggling with is [key issue].

This past year we helped numerous companies to [business driver], resulting [money saved, revenue added, productivity increases].

If this is something you’re challenged with too, let’s set up a quick call. I have some ideas that might help.

All the best,


Direct 15: Personalized Demo

A lot of times, prospects don't want to jump on another sales call with a pushy sales rep. But if you have a product that promises to help them, they are open to exploring and learning more on their own time - without being sold to. The engagement with these emails can be order of magnitude higher compared to pure sales development emails.

Subject: Check out this personalized demo for {prospect’s company}!


I love {prospect’s company} and I’m also a big fan of your blog.

I work with companies like {prospect’s competitors} and help them {key benefits}. Here’s an example of {give an example}.

Just wanted to email you and see if {prospect’s company} might be interested in a {similar type of solution}.

I made a demo for you based on {what it was based on} to show you what it might look like.

{paste the demo attachment}

Is this something you guys would be interested in?


Direct 16: Be Upfront

This is a first touch email template that you can use if who are someone who likes being upfront with your customer if things are not working out. The subject line provides the reason for the outreach. The mail template does not sound salesy; it begins with an intro about you and then provides a list of your clientele to establish credibility. Then you mention about being upfront and request for a meeting.

Subject: Revenue Growth

Hi {{FirstName}},

My name is {your name} and I’m with {your company}, a [what you do].

We’ve worked with venture-backed startups to Fortune 500 companies like [companies you’ve worked with].

We take a different approach to growing companies and aren’t like [other companies in a competitive niche].

We move quickly and if we don’t think we can kick butt for you, we’ll be upfront about it.

Are you free for a chat this week or next about marketing? If so, I’ll be available at {insert two times}.


Direct 17: Saw your careers page

This is an ideal template that you can use to approach someone if you can eliminate the need for a manual resource to solve a specific need. Bonus points for showing that you took the time to go through their careers page.

Subject: Hiring {title of your end users}

Hi {{FirstName}},

I noticed on your careers page that you’re hiring {title of your end users} who {describe the problem}.

Would love a few minutes to discuss how {your company} removes this burden.

{your company} helps clients like {prospect’s competitors} to {solution}.

{List some benefits}

Would you be open to a call {insert two times} to see how we could help your team?


Direct 18: Competitor just did X

Drop your prospect's competitor's name in the subject line and you are guaranteed to get your email opened. This template works wonders if you can use specific news about the prospect's competitor. 

Subject: {Prospect’s Competitor}’s {Trigger Event}

Body: Hey {{FirstName}},

I’m sure you heard {prospect’s competitor} recently {trigger event}.

I think now would be the perfect time to make a move to take some market share from them. They’re probably really busy with {trigger event} and aren’t thinking as much about {category your product/service is in}.

I have some ideas how you could take advantage and achieve {broad benefit}. Do you have 5 minutes tomorrow morning to chat?

{your name}


Direct 19: Trigger Event

A lot of successful sales people setup Google Alerts and keep an eye out for specific triggers - such as key hires, funding announcements etc. Using triggers will continue to be an increasingly successful outreach strategy.

Subject: {Trigger Event}

Hi {{FirstName}},

I’m reaching out because {trigger event — hiring new person dealing with vendors of the category you’re in}.

I know sometimes that causes people to want to switch {service you provide} vendors to get {benefit}. I wanted to see if you would like to make more informed decisions quicker.

If this is of interest to you, can you please let me know either way?

{your name}


Value Add Outreach

When you are making a direct outreach to the person whom you have identified as your ideal prospect, you may want to "warm them up" with a couple of non-salesy emails - just to establish rapport and add some value to them, before you hit them with a request for a sales conversation

Value Add 1: Email Template for Sharing a Blog Post

This is a first touch email template where you share a recent blog post with your prospect. This "warms up" your prospect up by allowing them to take a look at your blog, from there to your website etc. So that when you do make a "sales" approach, they have some context about you and your offering.

Hello {{FirstName}}!

I’m just writing to let you know that our latest post, about {what your blog post is about}. In it, I share {what it’s about}.

As a digital marketer, I believe it will be very valuable to you i

Here’s a link to the latest post: {Post link}

I hope you enjoy it and I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

All the best,

{Your name}


Value Add 2: Template for Sharing Resources

This is another first touch up email template which you can use to approach someone directly. The mail works because you are establishing your claim of being an experienced player by providing valuable resources to the prospect. It also works because you are not asking for anything in return.

Hey {{FirstName}},

We founded our business back in {date of founding} which means that we’ve had a lot of time to learn the ins and out of {type of business you’re in}.

I wanted to use this as a time to shoot you some ideas that you could implement in your business. I’ve compiled a document of resources including tests that we’ve run on our website and blog posts containing information about our business that will hopefully give you the inspiration you need to get started on the right foot.

You can find those resources here: {Link to resources}


{Your name}


Value Add 3: Recommend a Tool

This is another first touch email template that you can use to approach the prospect directly. It provides a suggestion about a tool that will help your prospect achieve her goals.

Subject: have you tried using [tool] for [goal]?

Hi {{FirstName}},

I came across your tweet recently on [problem you are facing]. Have you tried using [recommendation]? I use that with my team and it has been incredibly successful.

Happy to chat more about it or send over some templates and examples if you’re interested.

Value Add 4: Visited Our Website

This is a first touch email template that you can use to approach someone who has visited your website. The template jumps straight to the point without any pleasantries or introductions. This template will work great when you suggest a good opportunity based on your research.

Subject: Ready to talk?

Hi {{FirstName}},

I noticed that you and some of your colleagues at [their company] visited our website and downloaded a white paper on [topic].

I was wondering whether you were trying to learn more about how you might improve [business solution]. So, I would be happy to setup a no strings attached 30 minute consultation with our expert team on [topic]

Let me know if you think this might be useful?

Hope to hear from you,

Value Add 5: Additional Resources

This is another first touch email template that you can use with someone who has visited your site or visited your blog post. The template works because you are sharing more resources. Also because you are requesting time for a call to share valuable information and not for a sales pitch.

Subject: Here are some resources for [topic]

Hi {{FirstName}},

You recently visited our [webpage or blog post] so I thought I’d quickly check in and ask if you found what you were looking for? I also have additional resources for you:
-[link to resource 1]
-[link to resource 2]

I’ve looked at your company and would be happy to share how you compare to the industry benchmarks we’ve seen out there. Would you like to talk tomorrow at [two times you’re available]?

Best regards,


Value Add 6: Responding to an online post

This is another first touch email template that you can use to approach someone directly and answer a question they have posted online. The subject line piques that interest of the prospect because he needs an answer for the same. The template is also not salesy as you are only providing a value proposition to help the prospect.

Subject: Ideas for generating leads

Hey {{FirstName}},

I saw that you recently posted a question on LinkedIn about how to generate new leads for your company.

I’ve found that [solution] has been successful for several companies in your space. I would love to set up some time to chat about this solution if it strikes your interest.

Best Regards,


Value Add 7: Helpful resources

This template provides a lot of value upfront. By sharing additional resources. Further, it also establishes that you took the time to conduct research and finally you are setting up a call to talk about industry benchmarks. What's not to like about this template?

Hi {{FirstName}},

I noticed that you recently visited our {Page or Blog Post}. I wanted to quickly check in and make sure that you were able to find the resource you were looking for?I also thought you might find these additional resources helpful:
– {link to helpful resource}
– {link to helpful resource}

I actually also took a minute to look at your company, and I thought you might be interested in how your current performance compares to the industry benchmarks that we regularly see. Would you like to talk tomorrow at {insert 2 times you’re available}?


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Follow up Templates


Following up is the most important lever to improve the response rate of your cold email campaigns. Many studies have shown that it takes an average of five follow ups to close a sale. So do not stop after a couple of follow ups; keep following up till you get a response.

"Checking In" - to see if you got my previous email

Occasionally, as part of your email followup/ cadence, you may want to simply refer to the previous email and bring it back to your prospect's attention/ casually float it to the top of their inbox.

Giving them another opportunity to read your previous outreach/ message and respond. While we do not recommend excessive usage of the "Checking in" variety of followup, it is common practice to mix it up in your followup sequence and add one of these - especially during the early stages.

Checking In 1: Simple follow up

This is a simple follow up template that you can use in your cadence. It adds little value beyond reminding them that you have approached them on the same topic a few weeks ago. But it is an effective way to bring your previous approach to the top of their inbox

Subject: RE: {same subject}

Hey {{FirstName}},

{your name} again.

Just touching base from few weeks ago.

Would love to have a quick conversation to see if I could you help you with your {give a solution to their problem}

Are you available {insert two times} for a quick 10 minute call?

{your name}


Checking In 2: Confidence + Empathy

Some times a mix of confidence + empathy can move the needle. This template stands out because you are empathetic to the prospect and the fact that they may not want to start a conversation with you. At the same time, your confidence in being able to solve their problem can power through this hesitation.

Hi {{FirstName}},

I understand your position, but I wouldn’t follow up with you if I didn’t strongly think that {your company} can help {their company} solve {challenge #1} by {product benefit #1} and {product benefit #2}.

I can promise you that {your product} is going to be an industry standard. By choosing to not implement it, you’re putting your business and your ability as a {their department} person at a disadvantage.

Let me know if you want me to jump on a call so I can walk you through what we do.

Checking In 3: The early follow up

This is a follow up email template that you can use to follow up on your prospect earlier than the scheduled time. By checking in a few days/ weeks earlier than they had requested is a subtle way to demonstrate that you value the relationship and the opportunity. Some thing that differentiates the top sales people from the rest.

Subject: let’s take another look

Hi {{FirstName}},

Last we chatted, you requested that I get in touch in November. I may be a month early, but I figured it’d be worth checking-in.

Have you given any additional thought to my proposal? I’d be happy to do a quick review of it on the phone and answer any pending questions.

What does your calendar look like to talk?


Checking In 4: Post Voicemail

Just left a voice mail? Don't stop there. Drop an email letting them know that you left a voice mail. +1 for persistence

Subject: sorry i just missed you

Hi {{FirstName}},

I just called to [explain your purpose].

In my voicemail, I mentioned that I’ll try you again on [date and time], but feel free to reach me whenever works best for you at [phone number] or shoot me any questions via email.


Checking In 5: Just missed you

This is another example of a voicemail + email combination.

Hi {{FirstName}}

Must have just missed you! I just left a voice mail on your cell.

Please shoot me an email or call me when you get a chance at (xxx xxx xxx)

looking forward to connecting.

Best Regards

Checking In 6: Offer to help

This template can be an effective followup to a more detailed first touch - and also has the benefit of being more open ended and helpful in general.

Subject: Re: [same subject]

Drop me a note if you caught this {{FirstName}}. Would love to chat some more about your sales / provide any assistance I can there. Discussing your plans for [your area of expertise] (even if it’s just advice I can pass on!) would be great too.

Hope you’re having an excellent start to the week.

Checking In 7: One step at a time

This is another open ended followup that allows the prospect to dictate what the next steps should be


Checking In 8: Btw, we were in the news

This is a follow up email template that you can use if you were in the news recently and for good reasons. Use that as an excuse to share the good news with your prospect. Then request for a chat to take your conversation forward.

Subject: Re: [same subject]


Checking In 9: For a busy prospect

Often, you may just wish to forward your previous (more detailed email) with a slight variation on the call to action. This template is well suited for such a situation.

Subject: Re:[same subject]

Drop me a note if you caught the email below {{FirstName}}; I know you’re a busy man!

I’d love to talk a little bit more about {your company}, yourself, and any ways in which we can be collaborating. A phone call / Skype would be a pleasure.

Hope you had an excellent weekend,

Checking In 10: Didn’t hear back

If your original referral email didnt get a response, you can use this template to make another attempt.

Subject: Re: [same subject]

Hi {{FirstName}},

I didn’t hear back from you last week when I was looking for the appropriate person managing your [statement].

That’s not a problem.

If it makes sense to talk, let me know how your calendar looks.If not, who is the appropriate person?

Checking In 11: Follow up and ask for referral

Once you have followed up a few times, it may be a good time to ask the recipient to connect you with the right person - incase you have been barking up the wrong tree. This email template begins with a recap of your value proposition and then it tries to either get a response or get a referral.

Subject: Re: [same subject]

 Hi {{FirstName}},

I have tried to get in touch with you to see if there is a mutual fit between our companies expertise and your goals around [statement].

If you are not interested or there is another person you would like me to follow up with, please let me know.

Would it make sense to invest 5-10 minutes to determine if there is a mutual fit between your [statement] and our expertise?

If not, who do you recommend I talk to?

Every followup is an opportunity to Provide Value

Rather than perpetually "checking in", mail after mail, we strongly recommend using each followup as an opportunity to add more value to your prospect. Rather than seek your prospect's attention without offering any thing in return, if you can offer some thing of value - it significantly increases the chances of initiating a conversation.

Adding Value 1: Post Event, In depth

Use this template to share additional content with your prospect on a topic of interest. Set the stage for a more detailed conversation on the topic.

Subject: Excited about [thing] at [company name]

Hi {{FirstName}},

I’m sure improving your [objective] is a top priority for you. I thought I’d send you [piece of content] for you to go through. In this post, we discuss the 5 key ways of improving your [objective]

Would love to know if [piece of content] was helpful to you. Let me know if you would like to discuss this in greater detail over a call

Adding Value 2: Educate Your Prospect

Often, depending on the type of product/ service that you offer and based on the "awareness level" of your prospect, you may need to share educational content that helps them understand the problem better. This template helps you achieve this objective. It is effectively a slight nudge that provides some additional value to to the prospect.

Subject: Key challenges in implementing [xyz]

Hey {{FirstName}},

Following my previous email on how we can help {{Company}} implement [xyz], I wanted to share this [piece of content] that talks about the key challenges companies face in this context.

Let me know if you have any questions about [topic]. I would love to get on a call to discuss this in greater detail

Adding Value 3: Share something + follow up

This is another follow up email template where you can follow up with your prospect by sharing a useful link and request for a quick call. The useful link has to be really valuable to your prospect for this template to work effectively.

Subject: Re: [same subject]

Hey {{FirstName}}, can we hop on a quick call Wednesday 4pm or Thursday 11am?


PS: thought you might find this article interesting [link]

Adding Value 4: Final Email

This template can be used as the last step in your mail cadence in which you have been sending mails providing valuable content to the prospect as a part of your lead nurturing efforts. The template works because you are asking for a sign up since you have been providing valuable content and established that you helped similar companies.

Hi {{FirstName}},

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve sent you a series of emails that I hope have been valuable to you. This is the final email you’ll be receiving as a part of the series.

If you’ve been enjoying the emails I’ve been sending, then I’ve got one more thing I’d like to share that I think you’ll find useful:

Our {product}, which we built to help {your target audiences} deliver(s) {the thing that you sell}.

If you’re struggling to {first thing your product will fix}, or feel overwhelmed by {second problem your product will fix}, I encourage you to give us a try.

{This is where you will say the length of your free-trial and what is required to sign up} You can try it free here: {link to your free trial}

Enjoy, and once again, welcome to the {Your company} community


Add some humor to your followup

Your prospect is constantly bombarded with notifications, social media feeds, Youtube videos, not to mention tons of email every single day. In this age of over communication, if you can make your prospect smile, then you can stand out among the countless bland emails that hit your prospect's inbox.

Humor if well architected, can make even the most defensive prospect lower their guard and engage with you in a favorable disposition. Adding one funny email template in your followup cadence is a highly recommended idea.

When it comes to funny templates, we highly recommend that you create your own template based on your target persona and use the ones provided below as inspiration only

Humor 1: The Super Hero

Who here does not like to be called a secret super hero? This template is guaranteed to make your prospect smile - especially if they have not seen it before


Humor 2: The T-Rex one

This is another funny follow up email template. The quasi-anxious subject line stands out. The absurdity of being chased by a T-Rex makes this one funny. Again, guaranteed to evoke some laughs if your prospect has not seen this before.


Humor 3: Add a funny gif

GIFs and Memes (especially relevant to your prospect's industry) are easy ways to add some humor and stand out in your prospect's inbox. Here is an example of a template that does just that.

Subject: Waiting...


Just checking to see if you got my previous email on a sales automation software for {{Company}}.


Incase you are wondering, this is me waiting to hear from you...

Break up Email Templates

As a category, breakup email templates have gained a fair bit of notoriety over the last few years. The basic premise behind these emails is to tell your prospect that you are "giving up" on them. Usually, you are banking on the pseudo-psychological manipulation (also known as scarcity effect ) - that people want what they can't have.

Our experience has been that "Breakup emails" they tend to work more often than not. Be sure to try them out in one of your cadences and measure the impact.

Breakup Email Template 1: Close Your File

Here you use the threat of "closing your file" to tell the prospect that if they don't show interest, you will be moving on.

Subject: permission to close your file

We are in the process of closing files for the month. Typically when I haven’t heard back from someone it means they’re either really busy or aren’t interested.

If you aren’t interested, do I have your permission to close your file?

If you’re still interested, what do you recommend as a next step?

Thanks for your help.


Breakup Email Template 2: Courteous and Firm

This breakup email template starts on a courteous note. The subject line stands out with a "thanking you" message. By pointing out that you respect the prospect's time, it adds another courteous note. And finally puts the ball in the prospect's court if they wish to speak on this.


Breakup Email Template 3: One line zinger

To be clear, this is not a template that we recommend using with CEO of large companies or with very senior people. But if you are reaching out to some more junior in the organization, the over confident tone of this breakup email template might do the trick.

Subject: Re: {{Client company name}} + {{your company}}

Hi {{FirstName}}

Any interest here or is it time for me to hang up the towel?


Breakup Email Template 4: The professional breakup

This is a fairly professional approach to the breakup. You graciously provide your number/ contact details. And inform them that this will be your last followup.

Subject: Thanks from {company}

{{FirstName} – I wanted to reach out to you one more time regarding {Subject Matter}. If I don’t hear back from you, I’ll assume that the timing isn’t right and I won’t contact you again.

If I can be of assistance, you can always contact me at the number below.


Breakup Email Template 5: The Classy Breakup

We like this one because it is a rather subtle breakup. The template is simple/ open ended and it leaves scope for further conversation if the prospect doesn’t respond to this one email.


Breakup Email Template 6: Quasi Breakup

While this one is not a complete breakup, it sets the expectation that you will reach back in about a month and check in with your prospect.

Hi {{FirstName}},

Okay, I get it. It sounds like it’s not the best timing right now. However, I’m convinced that {your product} is something that is going to help your business be even more successful.

That’s why I’ve included some examples (include 2-3 case studies) of how {your product} can help you {product benefit #1} and {product benefit #2}, and I’ll touch base in a month or so to update you on what’s new.

Breakup Email Template 7: Corny Subject line

This is a breakup template with a borderline funny subject line. With this subject line. you will be guaranteed to have a significantly high open rate on this email.

Subject: is the love gone?

{{FirstName}}, I wanted to reach out to you one last time. I have a few suggestions on how your company can improve in terms of [metric]. If I don’t hear back from you, I’ll assume the timing isn’t right.

My information is below should you have any questions.



Breakup Email Template 8: 1 , 2 or 3. Thats it.

This is a follow up email template that you can use as a last resort. The subject line demands an answer from the prospect. The mail without wasting any time just lists 3 options and requests the prospect to choose one – Leave or Talk later or Talk now.


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