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The Best Mixmax Alternative

Outgrowing Mixmax?

Swap out a generic Gmail plugin for a feature-packed Sales Engagement Platform. Hyper-personalize your sales outreach. Automate repetitive activities. Book 3X more meetings

The Mixmax Problem

  • Being a simple plugin, Mixmax does not give you a central hub from which to execute outreach
  • No duplicate detection
  • Makes you execute the same activities for every prospect
  • All chaos. Zero prioritization
  • Leaves reps drowning in manual work
  • Inadequate reporting and analytics

The Klenty Difference

  • One powerful platform to house your outreach and stay organized
  • Auto-detects duplicates, bounces and replies.
  • Helps you stay relevant to every prospect based on their intent
  • Prioritize hot prospects. Put the rest on autopilot
  • Automate admin work. Save hours everyday
  • Get a 360° view of your outreach with Comprehensive Reporting

Trusted by 5000+ winning sales teams in high-growth mode

Execute quicker. Book meetings faster.
With the Mixmax Alternative that truly, has it all

Intent-based Playbooks

  • With Mixmax, you execute the same activities for every prospect. And hope for the best. This means your reps pay equal attention to every prospect, leading to overwork.
  • If nothing else, Klenty is the best Mixmax Alternative for this one reason- it detects prospect intent. And helps you execute relevant actions for every stage of intent-high, medium and low.
  • Identify and prioritize hot prospects with calls and manual emails. Move unresponsive prospects into automated sequences to build intent.
  • Book more meetings by executing the right activities at the right time for every prospect.

Native CRM Integrations

No more drowning in manual work trying to update your CRM every hour.

Klenty integrates deeply with all popular CRMs so you accelerate through repetitive tasks. Here are some of the actions you automate with this Mixmax alternative:

  • Start a sequence as soon as a prospect enters your CRM
  • Move prospects into deal stages when they show intent
  • Sync engagement data and email copies to CRM
  • Execute outreach right from your CRM with Klenty’s Plugins

Save 10+ hours every week. Focus on the activities that matter.

Hyper-personalize at scale

No more sending generic emails that sound like a bot.

  • Make every email feel like a 1-to-1 conversation without sacrificing volume using Klenty.
  • Where Klenty truly excels as a Mixmax Alternative is in its ability to turn email into a face-to-face interaction using personalized videos. Easily execute introductions, demos and contract explanations - all through video.
  • Dynamically customize email content in real-time based on date, time and other prospect data using Liquid Templates. Put context into every conversation.
  • Skyrocket response rates.

Recommended by winning sales teams on G2

Source: G2

Klenty vs Mixmax - Feature Comparison




Managing Prospects

Google Sheets
CRM Import
CSV Import
Mail Merge
Multiple Senders
A/B Testing
Delivery Window
Auto-reply and Bounce Detection
Intent-based Playbooks
Intent Score
Liquid Templates
Video Personalization
Static Placeholders
Custom Domain Tracking
Random Intervals
Cadence Throttling
Automated Email
Phone Dialer
Linkedin Plugin
Chrome Extension
Gmail Plugin
Step-level Reports
Live Feed
Cadance Detailed Reports
Cadence Overview Reports
Team Reports
Template Reports
Prospect Activity History

Frequently Asked Questions

Your free trial with Klenty lasts for 14 days - no credit card needed. No surprises.
Klenty is the Mixmax Alternative with the most dedicated Customer Support! Our Support Squad will respond within 5 minutes and help you with any questions and requests you have
Not at all. When you send emails from Klenty, they’ll look as though they came directly from your own email account. Make every email feel like a personal, 1-on-1 communication.
Yes! Unlimited seats! Your whole team is welcome to try Klenty and experience every feature that makes us the #1 Mixmax Alternative
Yes! Unlike other sales tools, Klenty is a Mixmax Alternative you will actually love using. Our platform is intuitive- onboard in minutes and kickstart your sales outreach!
Yes! When you choose Klenty as your Mixmax Alternative, you get to share your sequences and templates across your whole team and replicate winning practices. No more guesswork and misalignment.
Gmail, Outlook, SMTP, IMAP- Klenty connects to a wide array of email servers so you execute sales outreach from your own account
Yes! You'll be able to experience every Klenty feature as soon as you login to your account and start your free trial

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