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London, England


IT Services and IT Consulting

How Azeus Convene Used
Multi-channel Outreach to
Expand Their Business

Teams using Klenty


Scaled multi-channel

Coached reps using
data-driven insights

Saved hours on
manual data entry

Improved overall
call productivity


  • Chaotic execution of tasks
  • Inability to combine multiple channels in a single sequence
  • Hours wasted on manual work
  • Inadequate reporting

About Azeus Convene:

Azeus Convene, founded in 2010, is a Board Management Software. Designed specifically for senior-level executives and company secretaries, Convene gives them complete control over the meeting process—from pre-meeting preparation to post-meeting documentation—and ensures good governance driven by security and accountability.


When Craig Henderson joined Azeus Convene as the US Head of Sales, he noticed the biggest problem in execution—all outreach activities were manual.

Reps were in a constant state of chaos. They were disorganized, with each rep doing their own thing since there was no standardized process in place.

They sent emails, made calls, and performed LinkedIn touches at random. Switching between each tool added a lot of friction to their workflows.

Keeping up with conversations across multiple platforms proved laborious and challenging. Due to this, responses from leads declined drastically.

With zero insights into outreach performance, reps didn’t know what was working—which led to inconsistency in hitting targets. Reps also wasted time manually updating Pipedrive.

Craig, having worked in the sales development industry for 6 years, realized how crucial it was for the team to have a Sales Engagement Platform.

So, he was in the market for a platform that would enable reps to:

  • Perform cold email and follow-up activities on time
  • Execute call after call seamlessly
  • Perform LinkedIn touches at scale
  • Sync engagement activities to Pipedrive with zero manual effort
  • Improve performance based on data and insights

The Klenty Difference

  • Scaled multi-channel sequences
  • One-click LinkedIn tasks execution
  • Ability to operate out of Pipedrive
  • Seamless data flow between Klenty and Pipedrive
  • Ability to coach reps using data-driven insights

Favorite Features

  • LinkedIn Automation
  • Call Recording
  • Sales Dialer
  • Pipedrive Integration
  • Reports


Craig found Klenty through a Google Search for ‘Sales Engagement Platforms’. Once he started using Klenty, he saw that it was a one-stop-shop for all the challenges the team was facing.

Reps could now:

  • Execute multi-channel sequences at scale
  • Personalize each touch-point with relevant messaging
  • Record all engagement activities in Pipedrive
  • Create a collaborative environment for the team


Combine Multiple Channels into a Single Sequence

Klenty’s seamless importing via CSV files helped Azeus Convene route leads to the right sequences and kick off campaigns with a blend of emails, calls, and LinkedIn touches.

Instead of relying on intuition and guesswork, reps now knew exactly what activities to perform every day.

’Multi-channel Inbox’ collated all conversations across multiple channels in a single place. Reps could reply to emails and LinkedIn messages, and attend missed calls—all from one view.


Keep Pipedrive CRM Up-to-Date Without Manual Work

“Klenty, because it integrates with Pipedrive, that’s one of the winners. We can have that flow of information back and forth.”

Reps could auto-update engagement activities like email opens, clicks, and responses, call outcomes and notes, and LinkedIn touches in Pipedrive. They could automate tasks like:

  • Creating an activity for a Deal when an email is sent
  • Creating an activity for a Person on a response
  • Recording an activity for the Person if leads showed interest


Perform Automated LinkedIn Touches Within Klenty

“LinkedIn automation within the app has made
a huge difference. The team can activate the tasks from one screen, and it is simple and easy to do. That’s a win, in my opinion.”

Craig was delighted when Klenty launched In-App LinkedIn Automation. Reps could schedule and execute tasks such as Connect Requests, InMails/Messages, and Profile Visits. Klenty also helped them personalize their messages using lead information.


Boost Call Productivity and Response Rates

Klenty’s Sales Dialer enabled reps to execute call after call with minimal effort. They could place calls via browser without the need to dial.

‘Local Dial’ enabled reps to contact leads using their area code, which increased trust and credibility. ‘Voicemail Drop’ helped reps drop personalized, pre-recorded voicemails in just one click.

Reps were also able to customize their inbound voicemail based on geography, persona, cadence category, and so on.


Improve Performance of Reps Using Coaching

“Manage and monitor a cadence. To connect with the key medium through which we’re going to be communicating. The dialer works really well, for me as a manager to go back and listen to the call recordings.”

Craig was very impressed with Klenty’s coaching features. Using ‘Goals’, he was able to set up individual targets for his reps in terms of the number of meetings booked, leads contacted, and activities performed. This made it easy for him to keep track of team performance.

’Call Recordings’ helped Craig review calls and find coachable moments. He could also replicate winning behaviors across the entire team.


Increase Reply Rates With Personalized Messages

Azeus Convene’s reps were able to contact leads consistently and in a timely manner using automated follow-ups.

’Delivery Windows’ ensured that emails reached leads exactly when they would see them. Klenty also provided Azeus Convene the liberty of prioritizing either follow-up emails or cold emails. Reps were able to personalize their messages using lead information.

Klenty’s extreme emphasis on email deliverability ensured that emails landed in primary tabs and not in spam.

‘Cadence Throttle’ helped reps send an ideal number of emails per day. ‘Random Intervals’ ensured that emails were sent at random times to seem human.


Track Outreach Performance

Klenty’s extensive reports and the granularity of each report astonished Azeus Convene. With Klenty, Craig was able to:

  • Know how each cadence was performing
  • Know how each step in a cadence was performing
  • Figure out winning templates
  • Track how many calls were being made
  • Stay up-to-date on how many activities were being performed

Reps were also able to share and learn from one another's crucial insights. Klenty helped them clone and edit sequences. Reps could also save templates and replicate winning strategies across the entire team.

Booking More Meetings in a Recession

“I’m a big fan. We get an enormous amount of value out of your product. In comparison with the market, whether it be Salesloft or Outreach, you are priced well enough that it is a simple decision.”

Amidst a global recession, Craig had to keep cost reduction in mind while choosing a platform. Craig had worked with Salesloft and Outreach before but found that Klenty offered the same value for a much more affordable price. Klenty’s transparent pricing gave Craig a clear idea of what to expect. Signing up for a 14-day free trial helped him bring his team strategies to life.

With Klenty, Craig could unify emails, calls, and LinkedIn in a single platform as opposed to using separate solutions. Klenty also integrates with Pipedrive natively, ensuring automatic data-flow without having to rely on third-party tools like Zapier.

All of the above factors made Klenty the ideal choice for reducing IT spend, without compromising on sales workflows or meetings booked.


With Klenty, Azeus Convene was able to:

  • Book more meetings with multi-channel outreach
  • Increase their response rates with highly personalized touchpoints
  • Save hours every week by eliminating CRM admin work
  • Track performance and make data-driven decisions
  • Save on IT spend

Scale your multi-channel outreach and book
more meetings, now!