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How Customeer Used Buyer's Journey to Redefine Their Outreach

Teams using Klenty

Outbound Sales

Every rep achieved a repeatable
outcome of 5 meetings/week

Built an intelligent strategy around
Prospect Intent

Automated repetitive work

Executed the right activities for
every prospect


  • Getting through to prospects at scale
  • No way to execute relevant messaging
  • Manual activity overload within Pipedrive

"With Klenty, every cadence was like having a dialogue with the customer in an automatic way"

About Customeer:

Customeer is a Spain-based SaaS company that builds breathtaking customer experiences with marketing automation.


Customeer identified Account-based Outbound as the most efficient channel to open new market and scale revenue. With Pipedrive as their CRM, Patricia, their Sales Leader spearheaded their outreach using a cadence of cold calls and emails.

However, she soon ran into the usual outbound problems: getting emails opened, personalization at scale, and eliminating manual work.

Patricia saw quickly that Outbound today was not what it had been a few years ago. Prospects were getting jaded, burned out and unresponsive to the standard approach of brute-forcing the same set of activities for every prospect.

“ It's getting harder and harder to book meetings with prospects” she recalled.

Customeer wanted to deliver Outbound Outreach that would meet prospects at their level of buying intent. Therefore, they classified prospects into 3 stages - Unaware, Aware, and Interested and came up with unique cadences for each stage.

Their next move was execution at scale.

Hence, Customeer was in the market for a Sales Engagement Platform to

  • Flexibly adjust their intent-based outreach strategy
  • Prioritize hot prospects
  • Boost productivity by automating Pipedrive actions

After exploring a few different options, they landed on Klenty.

The Klenty Difference

  • Detected and classified prospects based on intent
  • Prioritized hot prospects
  • Built intent in unresponsive prospects with chained cadences
  • Every rep booked 5 meetings per week

Favorite Features

  • Automated Sales Cadences
  • Intent-based Playbooks
  • Deep Pipedrive Integration



Reliable Deliverability

Klenty straightaway made a difference with consistent email deliverability. Customeer was now able to send and track emails from their own server, stagger emails at random intervals, and throttle email volume.

This ensured emails escaped the spam filters and landed in inboxes, critical for Outbound success.


Intent-driven Outreach

What Customeer loved the most about Klenty, however, was the depth of automation the platform offered. With the Cadence Playbooks feature, they were able to finally implement their 3-stage strategic approach at scale.

"Klenty manages all our Deal Stages in Pipedrive with its native integration”

Initially, Patricia used Klenty’s native Pipedrive Integration to auto-import contacts. Then, she set up automation triggers inside the Playbooks feature based on the prospect’s Intent Signals.


Relevant Activities for Every Intent Stage

When prospects were imported into Pipedrive, a cadence auto-started from Klenty. As soon as prospects displayed intent, the trigger was activated. The Playbook snapped to life. These high-intent prospects were automatically launched into a new, personalized cadence.

In the meantime, the prospects who didn't show interest would continue to receive automated touches, building intent in the background.

Every time prospects fulfilled the Trigger conditions, they moved seamlessly into relevant cadences for the Unaware, Aware and Interested stages until they said ‘Yes’ to a meeting.

This ensured Customeer smartly focused on their most interested prospects, while automating low-impact work. The result? Customeer's reps scaled their meetings booked to 5 per week without taking on additional workload.

"It's crucial to have cadences for every stage of the prospect. Klenty's Playbooks controls the triggers which make one cadence follow the next. If X is the prospects action, then I want them to receive this cadence. If Y is the prospect's action, then I want them to receive another cadence. It's like opening a dialogue with the customer in an automatic way.”


With Klenty, Customeer was able to

  • Execute the right set of activities for every prospect
  • Personalize based on intent yet automate manual work
  • Guarantee deliverability
  • Book more meetings with less activities

In numbers, as well as process, Patricia sees a clear evolution in Customeer’s strategy to hitting sales targets with Klenty.

Want to get more meetings booked
with less work?