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Garden City, New York


IT Services and IT Consulting

How First Due SDRs Booked
233% More Meetings

Teams using Klenty

Outbound Sales

Standardized the complete outbound process

Booked 233% more meetings in only 9 months

SDRs have become more trained and organized


  • No outbound process in place
  • Disorganized execution of tasks
  • Insufficient reporting

About First Due:

First Due, founded in 2016, is a cloud-based company that provides an end-to-end suite for Fire and EMS agencies by collating all software functions required for operations, right from Pre-Incident Planning to Response and Incident Reporting - thereby reducing risk for First Responders and their communities.


Dylan Spader joined the sales team at First Due when they were just starting outbound outreach.

First Due was heavily inbound driven. So, setting up an entirely new channel from scratch came with its own challenges. Sending emails, using personalized templates that grab attention, keeping track of outreach performance, and maintaining a record of all activities in Zoho CRM - were the most important factors Dylan had to consider.

As he was looking to scale his team, Dylan realized that the lack of a standardized process would mean that every rep would be doing their own thing.

This meant that the reps would be executing sales activities at random, lacking organization. And with no insights into what is working and what is not, there would be no way of knowing what activities moved leads along the pipeline.

Dylan quickly realized that the solution to this would be to set up a standardized execution process.

Soon, Dylan found himself looking for tools that would:

  • Automate personalized email campaigns at scale
  • Provide extensive reports to track performance
  • Integrate well with Zoho CRM

The Klenty Difference

  • Standardized outbound outreach process
  • Hyper-personalized cold emails
  • Extensive reporting for better coaching
  • Hours saved on manual data entry

Favorite Features

  • Klenty Sequences
  • Custom Fields
  • Reports
  • Seamless Zoho CRM Integration


“Klenty was the most essential tech that we got early on that made us a self-sufficient SDR team.”

That was when he landed on Klenty.

Klenty helped First Due propel its outbound outreach by standardizing the process of:

  • Directing prospects to the right sequences automatically
  • Running personalized outbound sequences using multiple email steps
  • Logging all prospect activity details in Zoho CRM

Dylan decided that Klenty was the perfect tool to pilot their outbound campaigns.

Here’s how First Due scaled their meetings booked from 60/month to 200/month in 9 months:


Route Prospects Directly into Sales Sequences

First Due’s outbound process typically involves reaching out to Fire and EMS services across North America, classified based on regions. They import prospects and filter them by region in order to automate email campaigns geared toward them.

Klenty’s seamless importing facilities made this easier for First Due. Their sales team could import prospects using CSV files, add them to lists categorized by regions, and send prospects to different sequences accordingly.


Run Personalized Outbound Sequences at Scale

With Klenty’s provision to add unlimited email steps in a sequence, First Due was able to design cadences with ease. First Due set up “Custom Fields” to log prospect details in Klenty. This enabled them to leverage prospect information in their campaigns to drive engagement and responses.

Additionally, First Due was able to include customizable HTML snippets in cadences for advanced personalization.


Track Outreach Performance for Better Coaching

”Great training tool and visually easy to look at the information on the dashboard. To me, that’s a huge win. It is super transparent and simple to understand who is engaging with our campaigns.”

First Due was impressed with the granularity of Klenty’s reports. They were able to see exactly how many prospects had engaged with them and who is more likely to buy their solution.

Klenty provided template-level, cadence-level, team-level, and step-level reporting, which enabled First Due to know:

  • Prospects engaged at each step level
  • Top-performing cadences
  • Both effective and ineffective cadences
  • Reps that were on track and lagging

Additionally, First Due was able to save effective templates in their library for usage as needed. Klenty’s provision to clone sequences helped reps to duplicate winning sequences and execute outreach with zero friction.

Hence, Dylan was able to coach and scale the performance of his team based on data-driven insights.


Provide Dedicated Support and Assistance

”Compared to every other tech that I work with, you guys have the best support team by far. We can tell that you put in a lot of effort and energy into wanting to help people out.”

The dedication of Klenty’s Customer Support amazed First Due. Klenty’s support team was available 24/5 to solve any issue faced by Dylan and the team. Klenty also delegated a Customer Success Manager, who took care of onboarding and regular product education that helped First Due make the most of Klenty’s features.


“Over the last 9 months, we went from 60 Converted Meetings in January to 200 Meetings in September.”

Dylan Spader

Head of Business Development at First Due

Using Klenty, Dylan was able to set up a standardized outbound process, and scaled his team to 7 members. And for the first time, First Due surpassed its Inbound/Outbound ratio. Now, the SDR Team is fully self-sufficient in email campaigns.

First Due was able to scale their meetings booked by 233%,

  • Standardizing their outbound campaigns
  • Running personalized sequences at scale
  • Accelerating productivity by eliminating manual CRM data entry

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meetings and scale your team, too?