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San Diego, California


Transportation & Logistics

How GoShare Improved
the Productivity of Their
Entire Revenue Team

Teams using Klenty


Automated repetitive

Re-activated 2 lost
customers per week

Saved 8+ hours on manual
data entry


  • Difficulty carrying out multi-channel outreach
  • Chaotic execution of tasks
  • Insufficient reporting
  • Hours wasted on manual data entry
  • Inability to personalize at scale

About GoShare

GoShare, founded in 2015, is a transport and logistics company connecting businesses and individuals who need to move, distribute, or haul heavy objects with truck and van owners. GoShare aims to organize trucks globally to make them more valuable and accessible.


GoShare’s revenue team consists of Sales Development Representatives (SDRs), Account Executives (AEs), and Customer Success Managers (CSMs).

The company wanted to scale its outbound process. And, set up sequences to win back lost customers.

However, since they were executing manual outreach, they ran into several roadblocks. Sending emails at scale was difficult. Reps had to compromise personalization for volume. Following up consistently was nearly impossible.They wasted time updating the CRM every week.

With no visibility into how their outreach was performing, uncertainty ensued. Moving leads along the pipeline became harder. Deals slipped through the cracks. Tracking individual rep’s performance became difficult.

Christian Hastings, VP of Sales at GoShare, quickly realized that hitting targets would prove to be a herculean task if this persisted.

So, they began searching for a tool that would help:

  • SDRs automate multi-channel outreach and reduce CRM data entry work
  • AEs perform sales activities without leaving the Zoho CRM
  • CSMs re-target lost customers with highly personalized messaging

The Klenty Difference

  • Standardized sales sequences
  • Seamless integration with Zoho CRM
  • Extensive reporting for data-driven outreach
  • Personalized, multi-channel outreach at scale
  • Ability to operate out of Zoho CRM

Favorite Features

  • Cadences
  • Sales Dialer
  • Reports
  • Clone/edit Cadences
  • Zoho CRM Integration
  • Klenty-Zoho Plugin


GoShare landed on Klenty while searching for ‘Sales Engagement Tools’. Here’s why they onboarded their whole sales team onto Klenty.

Sales Development Representatives

GoShare’s sales reps used Klenty to automate their multi-channel outreach and eliminate manual CRM data entry work. Here’s how they achieved it:


Set up Multi-channel Sequences

Klenty enabled reps to combine emails, calls, and tasks in a single sequence. It took the guesswork out of their sales process and ensured that each rep knew exactly what they had to do every day.


Run Personalized Sequences at Scale

Klenty’s placeholders and Liquid Templates allowed GoShare to customize their messages based on date, time, persona, and other prospect information. Delivery Windows allowed them to reach prospects exactly when they would be available.


Track Outreach Performance Levels

Since Klenty’s reports included a detailed description of each cadence, template, individual call tasks, and activities, GoShare’s reps were able to know exactly who was interested in their services.

With Klenty’s reports, they were able to know:

  • The status of each cadence
  • How individual steps within cadences were performing
  • The top-performing cadences
  • The progress of each rep
  • The effectiveness of call tasks
  • What templates work and which ones don’t


Create a Collaborative Environment

GoShare’s reps were able to learn from others and exchange key takeaways. Klenty’s feature to clone and edit cadences on the go also helped GoShare’s reps to replicate winning strategies across the team.


Keep Zoho CRM Up-to-Date

All activities performed by GoShare’s reps were recorded in their CRM using Klenty’s Triggers and Actions. With Klenty, reps could automate workflows between Klenty and Zoho, saving hours. These workflows included:

  • Creating Prospect as Lead when reps received a reply
  • Assigning a task for a lead when a meeting was booked on Calendly
  • Logging a call task for a lead when a call was completed

Customer Success Managers

GoShare’s Customer Success team used Klenty to keep their active users engaged and healthy. They also conducted targeted outreach to lost customers and received at least two replies each week.


Personalized Outreach to Lost Customers

Klenty’s myriad of sequence-related features helped GoShare’s CSMs ensure that their outreach reached customers exactly when they would see them using time-zone detection and Delivery Windows.

Account Executives

Klenty made it possible for reps to operate seamlessly out of the CRM using Klenty’s Zoho Plugin.


Execute Outreach Without Leaving Zoho CRM

Reps were able to track how their outreach, especially one-off communications, were performing. Klenty’s Live Feed also notified them when a lead engaged with their outreach, so they could respond as soon as possible.

24/5 Support

GoShare was blown away by Klenty's Customer Support commitment. Klenty's support team was accessible 24/5 to help them with any problems they encountered. Klenty also assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager to fast-track onboarding.


GoShare attributed their positive QBRs to Klenty. With Klenty, they were able to:

  • Book more meetings using multichannel outreach
  • Increase their response rates through highly personalized messaging
  • Re-activate at least two lost customers per week
  • Save 8+ hours every week by automating CRM admin work

You can onboard your whole revenue
team onto a single platform, too!