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London, UK


Technology, Information, and Internet

How Group GTI Increased
Their Meetings Booked
by 200%

Teams using Klenty


Booked 200% more

Built an intelligent sales strategy
around buying journey

Scaled systematic and
timely outreach

repetitive work


  • Disorganized
    execution of tasks
  • No way to execute
    relevant messaging
  • Hours wasted manually updating Zoho CRM

About Group GTI

Group GTI, established in 1988, is a Career Tech Organization that helps students find their career paths and develop the right skills to succeed. It also aids employers in finding suitable candidates. Group GTI works with universities & colleges to ensure high-quality careers and student services.


Group GTI’s entire outbound model was run manually. Executing all outreach activities like sending emails, and keeping track of outreach performance — all while manually updating Zoho CRM — was impossible.

Additionally, they noticed that they were burning through their lists. The number of meetings booked per hundred prospects - their Prospecting Mileage - was low.

This was because their outreach was built purely to capture demand — talk to leads who had ‘meeting intent.’ And they didn’t have a sales strategy in place to nurture and ‘create demand’ in prospects who weren’t ready to book a meeting yet.

The result? Potential pipeline left on the table. Ineffective sales activities. Burned prospects.

So, Group GTI set out on a mission to find a Sales Engagement Platform that would:

  • Automate personalized outreach at scale
  • Identify prospects with ‘meeting intent’ and nurture the rest
  • Integrate deeply with Zoho CRM

The Klenty Difference

  • Standardized sales sequences
  • Detected and classified prospects based on their interest
  • Prioritized prospects who showed most interest
  • Built interest in prospects who didn’t engage
  • Saved hours on CRM data entry

Favorite Features

  • Klenty Cadences
  • Playbooks
  • Reports
  • Deep Zoho CRM integration


“Before we had Klenty, there actually wasn't any systematic outreach happening.”

Nick King

Marketing Automations Specialist

That was when they landed on Klenty.

With Klenty, Group GTI could:

  • Run automated outreach to leads at scale
  • Track the performance of outreach
  • Keep Zoho CRM updated with all engagement activities

Here’s how Klenty helped them achieve their outreach goals.


Make Their Outreach Systematic And Timely

Group GTI’s Account Managers could set up a series of pre-defined activities for their prospect lists using Klenty’s Cadences.

Using Delivery Windows, they sent emails during their prospects’ office hours to increase visibility. They could even schedule emails on specific days of the week.

Because Klenty offered no limit to the number of steps within a cadence, Group GTI could consistently engage prospects till they showed interest.


Kickstart Cadences for Leads Automatically

Group GTI’s outreach involved obtaining leads from various sources and uploading them onto Zoho CRM. Then, they reached out to them with personalized messages.

Klenty made it seamless for Group GTI to add leads into cadences and start their campaigns automatically.


Run Personalized Outreach at Scale

“It looks like a real email. They look like genuine emails sent; personally, they don't look like mass marketing, email marketing, bulk emails.”

All emails were personalized using lead information, such as name, designation, and company, to make the message more personal and relevant.

Additionally, using Preview and Edit, Group GTI could modify and add a personal touch to emails before actually sending them.


Increase Prospecting Mileage With Journey-Led Outreach

“I think it just keeps us front of mind. So when they're ready, they will get in touch”

Group GTI identified buying journey as one of the most important parts of an outreach.

They recognized and categorized the different stages in the buying journey as:

  • Unaware - leads that weren’t aware of the problem or Group GTI
  • Aware - leads that were aware of the problem and evaluating solutions
  • Interested - leads that were aware of Group GTI and actively responding to their outreach

Each stage needed a different strategy. And whenever leads showed interest, Account Managers needed to shift gears and approach them with a different strategy.

The challenge was to automate this process.

This was where Klenty’s Playbooks pulled through. Using Playbooks, Group GTI could set up Triggers and Actions based on the lead’s engagement activity.

For instance, if a lead completed a cadence without a response (trigger), they could be redirected to another cadence automatically (action).

By creating and executing a distinct sales strategy for each stage in the buying journey, Group GTI succeeded in their mission to increase the number of meetings booked from their lists — their Prospecting Mileage.


Keep Zoho CRM Updated Without Manual Work

“Productivity is brilliant. The workflow is seamless. It works really well. Importing the leads, they sink in automatically. We don't need to manually do anything like the opt-outs, [Klenty] updates Zoho automatically. The replies are visible. The workflows work exactly how we would like.”

Group GTI could auto-update all engagement activities in Zoho CRM from Klenty with zero human intervention, saving hours every week. They could automate tasks like:

  • Creating a ‘Task’ for a lead in Zoho CRM when a task is created or updated in Klenty
  • Creating a ‘Call Activity’ for a lead in Zoho CRM when a call is completed on Klenty
  • Setting Email Opt-out to ‘true’ in Zoho CRM if a lead unsubscribed


Track Outreach Performance

Since Klenty’s reports included a detailed description of each cadence, template, and individual activities, Group GTI’s Account Managers were able to know exactly who was interested in their services.

With Klenty’s reports, they were able to know:

  • The status of each cadence
  • How individual steps within cadences were performing
  • The top-performing cadences
  • The progress of each rep
  • What templates work and which ones don’t


With Klenty, Group GTI was able to:

  • Achieve an ROI of 500%
  • Book 200% more meetings
  • Execute personalized outreach at scale
  • Increase Prospecting Mileage
  • Save hours on manual data entry

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