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Walnut, CA



How Pipecandy Boosted
Response Rates by 300%

Teams using Klenty

Outbound Sales

Boosted reply rates by 300%

Saved 10+ hours every week

Aligned sales strategy with prospect intent

Accelerated repetitive work


  • Poor email deliverability
  • Inadequate Reporting
  • No way to prioritize engaged prospects
  • Hours wasted on manual data entry

About PipeCandy

Pipecandy is a market intelligence platform which helps customers build lead lists, research companies, enrich data and benchmark against competition.


Ashwin Ramasamy, the Head of Sales and Marketing at Pipecandy wanted to scale outbound as a revenue channel. Their sales team was rapidly growing and had recently hit the 5-rep mark.

To arm their team with every opportunity to crush targets, Pipecandy began the search for the right Sales Engagement Platform.

Ashwin experimented with a number of tools including Lemlist, and Reply.io. But soon, the Pipecandy team ran into a number of dealbreakers.

  • A Sales veteran of 15 years, Ashwin realized tools like Lemlist and Reply were still stuck in the ‘Spam and Pray’ Outbound model that died in 2006.

These tools were simply not set up to execute targeted outreach that resonated with prospects at different stages in their buying journey.

As a result, their reps were forced to perform the same activities for every prospect. Response rates dropped even as reps felt overworked.

  • To add to their issues, the Reports they were getting were inadequate- they gave Pipecandy no visibility into what templates or cadences were performing and which prospects were engaged at every step.

"I was never sure which steps are working in a cadence. It could be the first step, it could be the last step. I was not able to figure out how to make my campaigns better."

  • As outbound volume scaled, Pipecandy found it harder and harder to manually update their Hubspot CRM.
  • Email deliverability was slowly becoming an alarming issue.

With all these headaches piling up, Pipecandy defined their criteria even further to pick a Sales Engagement Platform which would help them

  • Execute Intelligent and targeted Outreach
  • Deliver personalized emails in the prospect’s inbox
  • Get a complete picture of outreach performance
  • Automate low-value manual work

That was when they came across Klenty.

The Klenty Difference

  • Human-like, hyper-personalized emails
  • Emails delivered into inboxes
  • Ability to detect and focus on high Intent prospects
  • See which prospects engaged at every cadence step
  • Save 10+ hours every week

Favorite Features

  • Advanced Placeholders
  • Custom Domain Tracking
  • Cadence Playbooks
  • Deep Hubspot Integrations
  • Comprehensive Reports and Dashboards



Intent-based Outreach

Within the first 5 minutes inside Klenty, Ashwin’s curiosity perked up: here was a smarter platform built to execute strategic, relevant outreach.

With the Cadence Playbooks feature, Pipecandy was able to track Intent Signals from prospects. Next they set up conditions like automatically shifting prospects who showed intent to a new, hyper-personalized cadence.

Thus Ashwin could identify all prospects who were actually in-market and focus on them. Meanwhile, automated emails would keep building intent in unresponsive prospects.

Through Playbooks, Pipecandy was able to focus on the right prospects with an Intent-based strategy and boost reply rates with less work.


Automated Personalization

Putting human back into email was another massive piece in Pipecandy’s outbound puzzle.

"Unlike other tools I’ve used, when I send emails with Klenty, it always sounds like a personalized email- like a human wrote it. That’s the primary aspect I love about Klenty".

Liquid Templates allowed Pipecandy to dynamically customize their email content at scale based on date, persona, and other prospect information.

Moreover, Klenty’s Video Integrations made it easy to embed personalized videos which took their reply rates to a whole new level.

In addition, deliverability features like Custom Domain Tracking and Cadence Throttling made sure Pipecandy’s emails landed in inboxes and not spam.

With Klenty, Pipecandy was able to replace ‘boring old email’ with personalization at scale.


Deep Hubspot Integration

Sales Productivity was another major outcome which delighted Pipecandy. With Klenty’s native Hubspot integration, they accelerated all the manual data entry tasks which were stealing time from their day.

Klenty’s direct integration made sure Pipecandy automated actions like starting a new cadence as soon as contacts entered Hubspot. Without the busywork, Pipecandy saw an instant boost in the number of high-impact activities his team executed on a daily basis.

As a result, they were able to save 10+ hours every week.


Comprehensive Reports

The impact of Klenty was right there to see in the numbers Ashwin observed in Reports and Dashboards. Unlike the other tools Pipecandy had used in the past, Klenty gave template-level, cadence-level, team-level and step-level visibility into their campaigns. In just 10 minutes, Ashwin could know

  • which steps in the cadence were working
  • which cadences delivered the highest engagement
  • which prospects were engaging at every step
  • the nature of the responses- positive or negative
  • which reps were on track in terms of outcome and volume

Ashwin was therefore able to scale the performance of his sales team based on smart, data-driven decisions.


Enthusiastic Support

The dedication of Klenty’s Customer Support team amazed Pipecandy.

"No matter when I contact you or what questions I ask, Klenty’s support is quick to respond, patient and ready with a solution".

Klenty’s support team made sure Pipecandy were able to get their reps onboarded quickly and have a seamless experience using Klenty.


  • Identifying high-intent prospects
  • Shifting prospects from cadence to cadence based on intent
  • Sending personalized outbound emails
  • Automating Hubspot CRM workflows

Klenty helped Pipecandy personalize at scale, accelerate repetitive work and boost reply rates by 300%.

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