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Arnhem, Gelderland


Software Development

How Plauti Was Able to Increase
LinkedIn Execution by 40%

Teams using Klenty


25% increase in emails sent

30% increase in calls made

40% more LinkedIn activities completed

Saved 20 hours per rep per month


  • Unable to scale outbound outreach
  • No LinkedIn execution
  • Wasting hours in manual data entry
  • Unorganized sequence

About Plauti:

Founded in 2011, Plauti started out with the mission to provide Data Happiness to Salesforce users. With Plauti Data Management Suite, Salesforce customers can perform data actions, check for duplicates, and validate records.


Ogi Babić , Head of Sales Development at Plauti and team, used High-Velocity Sales by Salesforce for outreach.

Their outreach was primarily inbound-driven, but they also wanted to venture into outbound.

“At the time, we used High-Velocity Sales by Salesforce for sequencing. It had a dialer but did not have a LinkedIn integration. So it was very basic, I would say. Moreover, making new sequences was just a lot of work. There was no folder structure to organize cadences based on personas or industries,” said Joost van 't Hullenaar , Chief Revenue Officer at Plauti.

They were looking for a different tool mainly because they were doubling down on outbound strategy and needed a tool supporting LinkedIn execution and advanced reporting.

“As we started looking for SDRs, we also wanted to start working from an outbound perspective. With outbound, we knew that our volumes would go up, so we needed a tool that could help us streamline that. And, of course, we wanted multichannel, not only relying on phone or email but also LinkedIn.”

The Klenty Difference

  • Organized cadences into folders
  • Executed multi-channel outreach to book more meetings
  • Saved hours on CRM data entry
  • Built a strategic outbound outreach based on prospect activities

Favorite Features

  • Cadences
  • LinkedIn Automation
  • High-Intent Detector
  • Playbooks
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Salesforce Integration


“Since integrating Klenty into our sales process, we've observed a significant uptick in our engagement metrics and sales performance. Our sales team has been able to send out approximately 25% more emails, make 30% more calls, and complete around 40% more LinkedIn tasks due to Klenty's automation features.”

Ogi Babić

Head of Sales Development, Plauti

When looking into sales engagement platforms, Plauti evaluated Salesloft, Outreach, Bloobirds, and Groove.

But eventually went with Klenty for the following reasons:

Start Outreach to Users Instantly

“We are industry agnostic - we sell to all sorts of industries. And we do have a couple of industries that work really well. So, we started to organize our cadences based on different industries and personas.”

Plauti used Klenty’s Salesforce Native Widget to add prospects directly into specific sequences catered to certain industries or personas. This meant that as soon as leads entered Salesforce, Plauti reached out to them with minimal effort.

Joost adds, “Before Klenty, in HVS, it was pretty difficult to set up a cadence yourself because it was all based on the Salesforce flow. And you have to have a little bit more Salesforce admin knowledge. With Klenty, it was pretty easy to build those cadences yourself, and for that reason, the adoption was very high.”

Execute Systematic And Timely Outreach

Run Personalized, Multi-channel Sequences at Scale

With Klenty, Plauti was able to execute a truly multichannel outbound strategy. They leveraged emails, calls, and LinkedIn to reach out to prospects.

  • Emails: Plauti sent personalized emails and automated follow-ups at scale. With Delivery Windows, they could send emails exactly when their prospects would be active.
  • Calls: Klenty’s Sales Dialer automated the process of dialing. All Plauti’s reps had to do was set up the calls, and the dialer automatically placed them one after the other.
  • LinkedIn: With powerful LinkedIn automation, Plauti executed tasks like Connect Requests, InMails, and Profile Visits in a single click while automatically personalizing LinkedIn messages.
Route Prospects From Zoho CRM to Sequences Directly

Execute Strategic Outreach Based on Prospect Engagement

“Based on certain engagement that we saw, like opens or clicks, those people would automatically go into a cadence which was way more personalized.”

Joost recognized that focusing only on actively engaged prospects wasn't the most effective approach.

Plauti allotted points to separate highly interested prospects from the rest with the help of High-Intent Detector.

At the same time, Joost understood that less engaged prospects needed more education and a gentle push. To address this, he employed Klenty’s Playbooks.

So, their strategy included moving completely unengaged prospects completely unengaged throughout the cadence into a more diluted nurture cadence

This helped them meet prospects where they are in the buying journey — and book more meetings.

Run Personalized Sequences At Scale Run Personalized Sequences At Scale

Keep CRM Updated Without Manual Work

Klenty automatically updated all prospect activities into Salesforce - eliminating 8+ hours of manual work.

Plauti automated tasks like:

  • Recording activity for a lead or contact upon sending an email
  • Recording activity for a lead or contact when a meeting was booked on their calendar
  • Creating a call activity for lead or contact when a call task was created or updated
Customize Outreach Based On Prospect Engagement

Track Outreach Performance

"Because of all the third-party intent data, our volumes in Klenty became much higher. And, of course, we wanted to measure how or if they influenced the cadences' actual performance. So, the reporting from that point of view was very good to see - how many people were actually engaging with our email content. Or changing the intent score threshold - this was mostly driven by the engagement we saw within Klenty reporting. So having that insight is something that we really liked.”

With Klenty’s extensive reporting, Ogi and team could monitor the performance of their outreach effectively.

Klenty’s reports highlighted,

  • Step-level reports explained how each step within the cadence performed.
  • Cadence reports highlighted the performance of individual cadences.
  • Email reports broke down emails sent, opens, clicks, replies, bounces, and unsubscribes.
  • Call reports gave a comprehensive view of answered and unanswered calls and voicemails - further segmented by outcomes.
  • Activity reports provided an overall view of all activities performed (emails, tasks, LinkedIn activities, and calls).
Track Outreach Performance Track Outreach Performance


With Klenty, Plauti was able to:

  • Send out 25% more emails
  • Make 30% more calls
  • Complete 40% more LinkedIn activities
  • Save 20 hours per rep per month in manual data entry

You, too, can increase your LinkedIn
execution by 40%