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Analyze 250 Minutes
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  • Turn hours of reviewing calls into minutes
  • Understand what plays top-performing reps
    use to win deals
  • Keep reps focused on prospects,
    not note-taking
  • Ensure a clean, updated CRM
  • Maintain a repository of successful calls
    to train new reps

Experience How Conversation
Intelligence Improves Deal Win Rates

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Close the Gap
Between Sales Targets and Rep Activity

Goals and Reports help sales teams turn sales strategy into sales execution, gain live visibility into outreach gaps, identify coaching opportunities, and consistently crush targets.

view of the auto import files using sales engagement automation
pipeline goals

Output Pipeline Goals
Are a Lagging Indicator of
Sales Success

  • Your reps know what to achieve, but not how to systematically work towards targets on a daily basis.
  • The result? Misaligned sales activities. Chaotic execution. Unmet quota.
  • Instead, proactive sales managers break down pipeline targets into milestones reps can achieve every day/week.
  • That’s where Goals and Reports come in.

Assign Sales Targets.
And Show Reps The Exact Path-to-Target.

Finally, a KPI-Driven Approach to Seller Performance

  • Set daily, weekly, and monthly targets for your sales team.
  • Get reps to commit towards activity targets, prospect coverage targets, and conversion targets.
  • Spot gaps as they happen (not after).
    Execute timely interventions.
Tie Sales Strategy to Sales Execution

Measure Rep Execution. And Motivate It, Too.

  • Get a visual snapshot of rep efforts across emails, calls, Linkedin tasks, Text, and Whatsapp.
  • Spend coaching meetings guiding reps, not interrogating them.
  • Gamify sales execution with Leaderboards. Inspire reps to do their best everyday.
Tie Sales Strategy to Sales Execution

Understand which Sequences
Get Meetings Booked

  • Know how many prospects were added to each sequence, how many finished it, and how many booked a meeting.
  • Manage sequence performance with insights on unsubscribe and bounce volume.
  • Get a picture of outreach effectiveness by measuring opens, clicks, and response sentiment.
Tie Sales Strategy to Sales Execution

Know Who’s Leading
And Lagging In Your Sales Team

  • Know which of your reps hit targets, who didn’t, and why.
  • Pinpoint where struggling reps need to improve in contrast to the rest.
  • See performance across your team in terms of prospects contacted, activities, and engagement.
Tie Sales Strategy to Sales Execution

Shine A Light On Prospect
Sources And Types  That
Say ‘Yes’

  • View prospects contacted in each list, engagement rates, as well as bounce and unsubscribe rates.
  • Know which source of prospects worked best this quarter ( like inbound, outbound, webinars, or by list vendors).
  • Understand the common characteristics
    of prospects who convert.
Say ‘Yes’ To You

Know Which Activities
Require Rep Focus

  • Understand what activities reps need to execute on a given day, what’s pending, and what’s scheduled.
  • Prioritize activities based on source and timezone.
  • Know which prospects are engaged in-the-moment using Live Feed. Capitalize on intent.
Tie Sales Strategy to Sales Execution

Every Rep. Every Sales Activity. Every Hour of Outreach. 
Aligned To Your Pipeline Targets.

That’s Klenty’s Goals and Reports.