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A radically more powerful and more affordable sales automation tool

Looking for an alternative to PersistIQ?

Welcome to Klenty. From building prospect lists to sending personalized cold emails to
automating your follow ups, Klenty has got all the bases covered.

How does Klenty stack up against PersistIQ?

This guide should help you compare PersistIQ vs Klenty including features, pricing, ease of use, support and success. Make an informed choice and add more power to your inside sales team.
Klenty has got everything you will need to scale your outreach efforts and generate more leads.
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Building and managing prospects database made super easy

  • Import prospects from any source - CSV, google sheets, CRM
  • Search and import prospects using Prospect Finder
  • Unlimited Custom Fields and Tags for each prospect
  • Duplicate Detection and Collision Detection to manage prospects
  • Dashboards to track the status of each prospect
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Import Prospects
CRM Sync
Manual/ CSV
Google Sheets
Duplicate detection

Automate follow-ups with emails, calls & tasks

  • Fully customizable follow ups with cadences. Start/Pause cadence at any point.
  • Filters to view prospects who have Replied/ Bounced/ Unsubscribed/ Completed Cadence etc
  • Use A/B Testing to split test multiple messages, subject lines and call to action.
  • Call prospects with a click of a button without leaving Klenty
  • You can record calls, playback and take callbacks as well.
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Mail Merge
Multiple Senders
Pro plan*
A/B Testing
Template Library
60+ Templates
Buy Local numbers in multiple countries
Pro plan*
Make and receive Voice calls
Pro plan*
* Most expensive plan

Tailor your outreach with Website tracking

  • Track your prospects behavior when he visits your web page
  • Track specific actions of prospects
  • Add prospect information to Klenty on form submission
Page Tracking
Event tracking
Track form submissions
Send Personalized Emails. Scale your Sales Outreach
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Natively integrate with your favorite CRM's

  • Transfer prospects between Klenty and your CRM effortlessly
  • Build detailed workflows with your CRM using different Triggers and Actions
  • Start/ stop cadences right from inside your CRM. Sync email opens, clicks and replies.
  • Don't see your favorite CRM, our Zapier integration can solve that.
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Other integrations

  • Get real time notifications of email opens, clicks, replies and more with our slack integration
  • Detect any meetings booked by your prospects in Klenty by integrating with Calendly
  • Connect Klenty to hundreds of other apps using out Zapier integration
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The preferred outbound tool for sales professionals
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Take the power of email automation with you everywhere with our Chrome Plugin

  • Send emails, start cadences from inside Gmail, your CRM or other pages using our Chrome Plugin
  • Use templates, track your emails, setup reminders and followups with ease - all from inside Gmail.
  • Skip jumping across various windows to communicate with your prospects
Chrome Plugin

Superlative Customer Support

  • Multi Channel Support. Personalized support across multiple channels and timezones.
  • Get help right when you need it over Chat, Email and Phone
  • Concierge Onboarding. Want help getting started? Our dedicated team will help you create your first template, import prospects and start your first email campaign. At no extra cost.
  • Expert Review. Nothing matters to us more than your success. We will be your second pair of eyes to review your email templates/ cadences and provide suggestions.
  • Knowledge Base. A detailed knowledge base to help you use Klenty on your own with ease.
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Live Support & Onboarding

More Powerful and More Affordable

  • Save up to 40% with Klenty
  • Affordably priced software to help SMBs and Start-ups
  • Our start-up plan ($30/ user/ month) includes more features such as sharing cadences & templates among team members, CRM integrations, other integrations etc, compared to their starter plan ($50/ month)
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$30 user/ month
$50 user/ month
Find More Prospects. Close More Deals
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