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What is a Cold Email Generator?

A Cold Email Generator is a tool that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to write cold emails from scratch based on a few prompts or text inputs.

This tool is similar to any other AI Writing assisting tool but it is trained specifically to structure the output as a cold email.

Advanced cold email generators can even personalize the emails based on LinkedIn and other publicly available data. They can score and provide suggestions to improve the quality of your emails. Some can also provide entire email cadences for you.

How does a Cold Email Generator work?

Cold Email Generators will take a few basic prompts from you and then rely on natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) techniques to write personalized emails.

The quality of the emails created by the cold email generators depends on the size and quality of the training dataset, as well as the complexity of the AI model used by the tool.

What Key Features to Look for in a Cold Email Generator?

Cadence Creation

Cadence Creation

Cold Email Generators should offer a variety of customizable email cadences that users can adapt to fit their specific messaging and sales scenarios.

Cadence Creation


Cold Email Generators should offer you features for personalizing so that your cold email feels more tailored and relevant to the prospect.

Cadence Creation

Email Scoring

Cold Email Generators should be able to spot weaknesses in your emails and provide suggestions to level up based on email scores and explanations.

What are the Benefits of a Cold Email Generator?

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Save Time

Automating the creation of cold emails saves significant time, especially for sales teams that reach out to a large number of prospects every day. You can save at least 5+ hours every week on template creation.

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Cold email generators make it easier for sales teams to scale their sales outreach efforts without a proportional increase in effort or resources. You will be able to 3x your sales outreach productivity.

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Increase Response Rates

Cold email generators can help in improving email response rates because the emails are written based on the best practices from successful sales templates. You will be see 2x jump in your response rates.

How can you use Klenty’s AI Cadence Writer to
improve your cold email campaigns

Klenty’s AI Cadence Writer lets you craft entire sequences full of personalized
emails, LinkedIn Messages and call scripts - in 2 minutes or less.

Personalized Openers

AI Cadences uses your prospect’s LinkedIn and
website data to insert custom snippets and
one-liners into your sales outreach campaigns.

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Sales Cadences

Choose a cadence from 14+ sales scenarios and use AI
Cadences to create the emails, call scripts, LinkedIn
messages, and SMS steps by giving a few prompts

Email Scoring

Let AI Cadences punch up your emails, fix fluff,
remove spam words, and add stronger CTAs for
you to level up your email game.

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“We were able to get our overall emails sent by users from 30-40 a day to about 150.
This surge increased our connection rate and positively affected our overall sales.”

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Valeria Grinberg

Marketing Director at NetReputation

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

bulletin Step 1: Provide Information

Share your company name, a brief description, your value proposition, and the pain points your company addresses.

bulletin Step 2: Generate Your Email

Hit "Generate Email" and watch as Klenty’s AI crafts a compelling cold email tailored to your needs.

bulletin Step 3: Run your campaigns

Sign up to Klenty for free to access the AI Writer and run your email campaigns effortlessly.

Klenty’s AI Writer transforms your inputs about your company name, a brief description, your value proposition, and the pain points your company addresses into compelling cold emails that resonate with your audience.

Klenty also has additional features such as Email Scoring, Data-Driven Recommendations and Automatic Improvements to help you improve your emails.

You can either send your emails as a one-off or you can set these up in cadences. A cadence is a sequence of emails and tasks to follow up with prospects.

Being trained with 500+ highly successful sales templates, Klenty helps you generate personalized cadences using AI in less than 2 minutes - Including personalized emails, LinkedIn messages and call scripts.

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