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Automated Sequences

Advanced CRM Integrations

Calls & Tasks

Engagement-based Follow-ups

Team Reports & Admin Control

Live feed & Campaign Analytics

All the features your sales team thrives on- with none of the complexity

Beautiful yet easy Interface

  • Don't force your SDRs to spend an entire quarter adapting to a frustrating interface. Get a sales outreach platform that your team will actually enjoy using.
  • Klenty is designed with your Salespeople in mind. Set up Klenty in minutes and kickstart your sales conversations todays-no dedicated onboarding needed.

Scalable & Transparent Pricing

Don't bother with a complex tool that makes you jump through hoops to know how much you’re going to shell out

  • Is it worth it to spend hundreds of dollars for a complex platform whose many features you might not even need?
  • Choose Klenty instead. Why? Because we have 3 flexible and affordable pricing plans so that you can start scaling Sales with us and upgrade as you grow.
  • Pay for only what you need. We start as low as $30 and scale upward with you. Check out our Pricing page. Klenty also has a free 14 day trial. Try before you buy.

Ranked #1 on all popular CRM marketplaces

  • If you are a user of Pipedrive, Hubspot, Zoho, Salesforce or Freshsales CRM, you'll love Klenty. Because Klenty has a 2-way native integration with all the 5 CRMS.
  • When you join the Klenty family- you'll get a Sales Engagement Platform that's ranked #1 in Pipedrive, Zoho and Hubspot CRM marketplaces.
  • Integrate Klenty with your CRM and other sales tools in seconds. Eliminate manual data entry. Build automated workflows. Get more conversions in less time.

Customer-obsessed Support team

  • Wouldn't you love it if you got support that gets back to you quickly and solves issues in a blink? That is what our Customer Support team does- they're determined to help you get benchmark-busting outreach results no matter what
  • With our Customer support team- your journey with Klenty doesn't end when you buy- it only begins.

Klenty provides complex Email Automation solutions in a simple interface. Feature rich but yet cost-effective - especially once scaling past 3-5 email accounts.

Jake Hoover

Sales manager, Arcalea

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