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  • Maintain a repository of successful calls
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Experience How Conversation
Intelligence Improves Deal Win Rates

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Transform Into An
Agile Sales Team

Klenty helps sales teams execute the right activities
for the right prospect at the right time and get more meetings booked.

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Legacy Sales
Tools Make Your
Outreach Rigid

  • Traditional automation forces you to execute
    the same activities for prospects at different
    stages in the buying journey.
  • The result? Ineffective sales activities.
    Overworked reps. Missed quotas.
  • There’s never been a way to adapt your
    outreach to match what prospects need.
  • Until now.

Klenty: The Agile
Sales Engagement

With Klenty’s Adaptive Trigger Matrix, your
prospect’s buying journey guides sales
activities- so reps automatically execute the
right strategy for cold, warm, and hot prospects.

How Klenty Transforms
Sales Rigidity Into Sales Agility


Don’t Just Capture Prospect Interest.
Create it.

While you focus on hot prospects, Klenty dynamically segments and auto-routes less-engaged prospects into ‘nurture’ sales sequences so you capture a greater share of your total market.


Increase Your
Prospecting Mileage

Klenty makes your sales outreach consistent without sacrificing relevance. Meaning you open more conversations and book more meetings without burning your lists


Prioritize Accounts With
The Highest Engagement

Klenty tells you which accounts are in-market and meeting-ready everyday. So you can focus on accounts that get you to quota while automation nurtures the rest.

Agile Sales Teams
Leave Their Competition in the Dust


Prioritize hot prospects


Execute a strategy for
every prospect


More new conversations.
Less work.


Shorter sales cycles

Markets Have Evolved. Your Prospects Have Evolved.
When Will You?

Join the rebellion against Sales Rigidity and crush targets
with Agile Selling using Klenty.

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