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Yesware vs Klenty

Klenty and yesware are both sales engagement platforms that help sales teams automate personal email outreaches, follow-ups, calls, and tasks.

Klenty offers your sales teams better features, pricing, ease of use and support that you would never look for an alternative.

Here are the top reasons to use Klenty instead of Yesware

Powerful email Campaigns
Great Email Deliverability
Native and Tight CRM integrations
Superior Feature Set
Flexible pricing

Here’s Why You Should Choose Klenty?

Experience great deliverability

Email deliverability is the foundation on which success of your email campaigns depend. All your efforts to make a sale depend on your emails being able to land in your prospect’s inbox.

And we get it.

This is why Klenty has built a number of features that are designed to provide you superior email deliverability including

  • Variable/random intervals between emails
  • Custom domains for tracking

And the results speak for themselves. Here is a comparison from our trusted users from G2 Crowd.

Superior Feature-set for Growing Sales teams

At Klenty we are constantly releasing new features that are geared towards making your sales teams get more done.

With Klenty, your sales team gets lot of productivy boosters and real time insights thanks to features such as

  • Ability to Import Prospects via Google sheets & by syncing your CRM
  • Ability to A/B test your emails and optimize them
  • Keep a track of all prospect activities with Prospect Activity History
  • Keep a track of all clicks, page visits etc on website with Website Tracking

Also, Klenty lets you send up to 700 emails while Yesware limits it to 500 emails per day .

Yesware does not provide you all these features . So with Klenty, you’re always a step ahead in bringing out the maximum potential of your sales team.

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Klenty vs Yesware - Feature Comparison Snapshot

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