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Klenty lets you automate the process of sending personalized emails, follow-ups, calls & tasks at scale to your Zoho contacts. Save hours daily and focus on leads likely to buy.

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Top reasons why Zoho CRM users love Klenty

Eliminate Friction. No more CSV export/ import

Move Contacts Seamlessly

Importing and updating contacts into Klenty has been easier and faster. Klenty lets you auto-import hundreds of Zoho leads and contacts under a minute.

  • Klenty can detect Zoho Views you’ve created for your leads or contacts

  • Import any lead or contact from a specific filter into Klenty

  • Select any prospect in Klenty and move instantly into Zoho CRM as leads

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Move Contacts

No more missed opportunities. Always stay on top of your leads

Automate Sales Outreach Campaigns

Klenty lets you automate personalized email campaigns to your contacts at scale. Your sales team will always be on top of your leads by engaging with them faster, following up at the perfect time.

  • Send personalized emails,automated follow-ups calls & tasks to cold contacts in bulk

  • Ensure email deliverability to your Zoho leads with features like personalization, custom domain tracking, delivery window & cadence throttle.

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Sales Outreach

Implement a Repeatable, consistent sales process

Powerful Automation Workflows

With Klenty, your team can set up workflows that automate your everyday work you perform in Zoho CRM when sending email campaigns

  • Klenty auto-import new leads/contacts every 6 hours from as soon as they enter the filter in Zoho CRM

  • Send personalized campaigns to new leads as soon as they enter a Zoho filter

  • Auto create tasks or calls in Zoho CRM for leads based on email engagement in Klenty

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Bid good riddance to data entry and Manual work

Keep Your CRM Always Updated

Your sales team can focus on closing deals, not switching between tools. With Klenty your team will never perform any mundane data entry and manual tasks in the CRM.

  • Automatically maintain copies of emails sent/ replies received in Zoho CRM

  • Automatically sync email opens,clicks, replies and other activities back in Zoho CRM

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Data Entry

No intuitive decisions. Measure and optimize.

Adapt a metrics-driven sales strategy

Your sales team can always measure the performance of your campaigns and optimize them to get better results. With Klenty your sales team will always work with a data-backed strategy.

  • Measure your email campaigns with A/B tests, Team reports and Cadence reports and optimize them

  • Keep a tab on how the leads are engaging with your emails with real time updates and approach them when they are hot

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