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Looking for an alternative to Mailshake?

Try Klenty. It has all the features you need with none of the complexity

Automated Sequences

Advanced CRM Integrations

Calls & Tasks

Engagement-based Follow-ups

Team Reports & Admin Control

Live feed & Campaign Analytics

Here are the top 5 reasons why Klenty is the best Mailshake alternative

Klenty offers your sales teams superior features, flexible pricing, and integrations that go beyond mere integrations

Powerful Email Campaigns

At its core, Klenty’s cadence functionality that powers all of your email campaigns is equipped with all the needed cutting edge features, designed to make your sales team book more meetings.

  • You can send emails in thread, specify for each step of the email sequence, throttle daily email limits.
  • A/B test templates, black list domains and email ids, use unlimited placeholders and custom fields, and specify holiday calendars.
  • You also have reply and bounce detection, prioritize different types of emails, and you can add a mix of emails / calls / tasks to your cadences.

You name it, we have it!

You can also find lot more in the pipeline like conditional follow ups, smart tasks based on email engagement and liquid templates which are some of the features that our team is working on right now.

Mailshake Alternative - Klenty's email campaigning snapshot
Mailshake Alternative - Klenty rated at the top in popular CRM market places

Native Integrations with your favorite CRMs

Klenty offers tight integration capabilities with CRMs like Zoho CRM, Pipedrive, Hubspot and Salesforce. You have the ability to import, export, setup several automated workflows, sync email opens etc all from within a tool.

Your sales team will be able to set up automated workflows with the CRM in a single click which will save your sales team a lot of time.

On the other hand, Mailshake has native integration with just Pipedrive and it is limited to very simple functionality like importing contacts. In most cases you are inured to using Zapier to automate your CRM workflows.

We integrate with other tools like Segment, Slack and Calendly - to ensure that you have a seamless experience when using Klenty.

Superior Feature-set for Growing Sales teams

With Klenty, your sales team gets a lot of productivity boosters and real time insights thanks to features such as

  • Ability to import prospects via Google sheets,
  • Gmail Plugin with inbuilt template library that works from within your inbox,
  • Ability to derive insights on follow-up with Forward Email Detection,
  • Keep a track of all prospect activities with Template Reports & Prospect Activity History,
  • Keep a real-time track of prospects engagements with Live Feed,

Mailshake does not provide you all these features . So with Klenty, you’re always a step ahead in bringing out the maximum potential of your sales team.

Mailshake Alternative - Klenty image showing various prospect adding options

Flexible Pricing

Klenty offers flexible pricing plans that can suit the needs of all sales teams.

Klenty’s pricing plan is based on the number of users. The basic plan starts from $50/user/month where you get all email automation features. If you are looking for advanced CRM workflows then the $70/user/month plan is perfect. There is also a $140/user/month plan which is perfect for teams looking for larger volumes.

Mailshake also has a pricing model based on users but it cannot match the range of features and benefits that Klenty provides you. Klenty's pricing plans offer a lot more than Mailshake’s pricing plans.

Apart from this, Klenty offers a 14-day free trial before you decide to pay while Mailshake collects the price upfront without letting you try their product first.

So, why pay more and get less with Mailshake?

All the support you need

Klenty can be a better option than Mailshake just for this one reason - in-app support.

Klenty’s team has a very good in-app support function that lets you clarify your doubts immediately. We have a team that works around the clock to provide you a smooth journey when you explore our tool.

Mailshake lacks this in- app support facility , so you’re forced to mail them and wait for their replies.

Still not convinced Klenty is your best Mailshake alternative?

Book a demo and learn how Klenty can make your sales team unstoppable

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Klenty vs Mailshake - Feature Comparison




Managing Prospects

Google Sheets
CRM Import
CSV Import
Mail Merge
Multiple Senders
A/B Testing
Delivery Window
Autoreply and Bounce Detection
Chrome Extension
Gmail Plugin
Live Feed
Cadance Detailed Reports
Cadence Overview Reports
Team Reports
Template Reports
Prospect Activity History









Frequently Asked Questions

Your free trial with Klenty lasts for 14 days - no credit card needed. No surprises.
Klenty is the Yesware Alternative with the most dedicated Customer Support! Our Support Squad will respond within 5 minutes and help you with any questions and requests you have
Not at all. When you send emails from Klenty, they’ll look as though they came directly from your own email account. Make every email feel like a personal, 1-on-1 communication.
Yes! Unlimited seats! Your whole team is welcome to try Klenty and experience every feature that makes us the #1 Yesware Alternative
Yes! Unlike other sales tools, Klenty is a Yesware Alternative you will actually love using. Our platform is intuitive- onboard in minutes and kickstart your sales outreach!
Yes! When you choose Klenty as your Yesware Alternative, you get to share your sequences and templates across your whole team and replicate winning practices. No more guesswork and misalignment.
Gmail, Outlook, SMTP, IMAP- Klenty connects to a wide array of email servers so you execute sales outreach from your own account
Yes! You'll be able to experience every Klenty feature as soon as you login to your account and start your free trial