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Automate your followups
with Cadences

Appropriately timed & automated followups that maximize your response rate


Perfectly timed followups

Create an Email sequence / Drip campaign for your prospects to help you followup. Each followup email is customized and delivered from your email account.

Reply Detection ensures that the campaign is automatically stopped once a reply is received. Automaticaly track bounces, auto-replies, out of office replies etc.

Fully Customizable. Send now or send later. Send emails on Week days only or on weekends. Send emails in the same thread or start a new thead. Experiment and iterate

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Dashboard & Analytics
For Data Driven Sales Teams

Birds eye view of various prospects who are in cadence


Manage your cadences

Dashboards to identify which prospects are in cadence.

Filters to view prospects who have Replied/ Bounced/ Unsubscribed/ Completed Cadence etc

Stop/ Pause a cadence at any point

Experiment & Iterate
with A/B Testing

Split test your Subject Line, Key Messages, CTA etc. Double down on techniques that work

A/B Testing

Iterate with Data

Create multiple versions of each template. Use A/B Testing to split test multiple messages, subject lines and call to action items.

Use Data to identify best performing templates. Track opens, click replies across various A/B testing options

Double down on templates that has the best performance

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