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Best GMAIL Plugins for Salespeople

Ultimate collection of 40+ best gmail plugins that will make your inbox more powerful and make you more productive.
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CRM Tools

Using this Gmail Plugin from Streak, you can turn your inbox into a CRM tool. It helps you save your customer’s details into your CRM without breaking your workflow. It also connects with other Google Apps like Calendar, Sheets, and Drive. A Send Later feature, which allows you to compose and schedule emails to be sent out later.
Salesflare CRM brings you a Gmail Plugin that fills out your address book, keeps track of all your interactions with your customer and prospects and, alerts you about any new deals. It's a zero-input sales pipeline tool that takes data from social media, company databases and so on.
A plugin that turns your Gmail account into a full-fledged CRM system, it helps you create and manage sales pipelines, organizes support service, email marketing campaigns and analyzes data right there in your Gmail Inbox.
ProsperWorks integrates with Gmail to put your emails at the core of your workflow. Zero-touch, automatic systems eliminate most data entry, allowing you to focus on what you do best: closing more deals. Set goals, track performance, get insights, and coach teams to improve their productivity.
This Gmail plugin from Infusionsoft brings the CRM and contact functionality straight to your inbox. You can keep all your sales data in sync, you can centralize communications and trigger follow-up actions automatically. With this plugin you can create and view contact records from Gmail, add tasks and notes to contact records, upload attachments to Infusionsoft and more.

Email Automation

Klenty’s Gmail plugin is a powerful sales automation tool that lets you find emails addresses, send personalized one-to-one emails, schedule follow ups to be sent out at specific times, and track emails. You can also select multiple prospects and send emails to all with one click or set multi-stage automated drip follow-up emails.
Followup.cc provides a plugin that can help you manage tasks and develop business relationships from with the Inbox. View your contacts as you browse through your emails, follow up automatically, track your emails, schedule emails to be sent out later, and set up reminders and manage them in Google Calendar.
Using Mixmax’s plugin you can reach out to prospects and clients more effectively. With the plugin you can, track email opens and clicks, schedule meetings directly from the email, use mail merge to personalize bulk emails, set reminders, share emails to Salesforce, Slack, and other services, and provide web previews of websites and links in your emails.
Right Inbox
The Right Inbox plugin is a lightweight and fast tool which seamlessly integrates with Gmail and can help you schedule emails to be sent later, set reminders to follow up conversations, and create recurring emails to save time and escape from periodic tasks.
A chrome extension for Gmail that allow automation of follow-up emails. This saves a lot of the time spent in manually scheduling and sending emails. Replyup has features that allows for customized scheduling and sends emails accordingly. Send from inside Gmail or upload lists into ReplyUp and send in bulk.
The ToutApp Gmail plugin adds email and attachment tracking, templates and scheduling into Gmail to help sales reps quickly interact with their prospects. Apart from this, the plugin also allows you to A/B test your messages and see which one works best for getting their attention or closing the deal.
The Yesware Gmail plugin gives you the ability to track your email, schedule emails to be sent later, mail merge and more. You can then easily track whether they have opened your email, clicked on your link, opened the attachment, etc. You can also create and save email templates to reuse later and test different subject lines.
One of the best email productivity, Boomerang allows you to track responses, schedule emails to be sent later, and use AI to write better emails. It also helps you to postpone incoming emails, by making them disappear from your inbox into a folder, then bringing them back to the inbox at a specified time.

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Email Enhancement

This plugin from the popular writing-enhancement platform, Grammarly will make sure your emails are clear, mistake-free, and impactful. It detects complex grammatical errors, misspelled words, and words used in the wrong context to enhance the content of your email.
The Crystal Gmail plugin gives you personalized tips for each email recipient. By analyzing public data, Crystal can generate personality reports on them and anyone in your database. Get real-time email tips for each personality. This improves your outreach strategy and sharpens your management skills.

Email Tracking

Mailtrack.io is a Gmail plugin that lets you track your sent emails. It lets you know when your emails are being opened in real-time. They provide real-time receipts when your emails are opened, daily tracking reports, link tracking, reminders, email, and phone support, and also integration with CRM tools.
The Top Inbox
Using The Top Inbox Gmail plugin you can track email opens, set reminders in your inbox, schedule emails to be sent later, and set automatic follow-up sequences. This tool saves time, effort, and automates your workflow making you more productive.
Track when your emails are opened and links are clicked with RocketBolt’s email tracking plugin for Gmail. You will get alerts when your recipient opens your mail or clicks your links. You can also get instant access to social profiles and contact info of the people you’re emailing so you can personalize your message.
OBTrack is a simple-but-effective plugin that lets you track your email opens in Gmail. It adds the double-tick feature to your Gmail inbox and gives you real-time alerts when your prospect opens your emails.


Gmelius protects your privacy by detecting and blocking email trackers. Using Blockchain the plugin prevents email forgery and get sent receipts. It also allows you to schedule and track emails, snooze incoming emails, automate follow-ups, convert emails into To-Dos, integrate with CRM tools and more; it offers a complete and seamlessly integrated suite of inbox solutions.
Mailvelope is a Gmail plugin that provides end-to-end encryption capabilities enabling secure email communication based on the OpenPGP standard. Using this plugin, you can encrypt and decrypt your Gmail messages to protect any confidential business details.
The Snapmail Gmail plugin that makes your emails self-destruct - for security purposes. It adds a button next to Gmail’s Send button and if you send a message using the Snapmail button the message will be encrypted. Once the message is opened by the recipient, it will self-destruct in 60 seconds.
Ugly Email
A simple but effective Gmail plugin that protects your privacy and lets you know if the emails in your inbox are being tracked. It puts an evil eye next to your emails indicating that it's being tracked.

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Lead Enrichment

From Clearbit, Clearbit Connect is a Gmail plugin that displays useful information about the people who email you and allows you to find anyone’s email address with leaving your inbox. It gives you access to the largest and most up-to-date database in the world.
This Gmail plugin is a contact management tool that helps you enrich your contacts without leaving the inbox. Identify and remove duplicate contacts, add and edit new contacts and get information about the contact all from your Gmail account.
A plugin that provides AI sales insights on your prospects and their companies which are directly sent to your inbox. Nudge uses the AI to analyze massive amounts of data from various sites and looks for mentions, related news, and provides the necessary insights to help you craft engaging emails.
LinkedIn Sales Navigator
LinkedIn Sales Navigator(formerly known as Rapportive) helps bring the LinkedIn profile of a prospect straight to your inbox. See their LinkedIn profile data and use that knowledge when you reach out to them. Hover over any email address in your emails to get a quick overview of their profile.


Dropbox(business) for Gmail
The popular file hosting service has a Gmail plugin tool which allows you to easily send and preview files directly from your Gmail account. By adding a Dropbox button to Gmail, you can seamlessly share large files, quickly access any important files, and see rich previews of Dropbox links shared in emails.
ClearSlide allows you to easily access approved content and template library, track emails and attached content, and schedule meetings; all without leaving your inbox. On integration with your CRM, all your email activities along with contacts, email body, content, and engagement data will be automatically logged on.
Deskun is a Gmail plugin that brings a multi-channel customer support system inside Gmail. This service allows you to combine different customer communication channels within a single interface. Direct from your Gmail inbox one can use message templates for a quick reply, assign requests to agents, collaborate with peers using notes, and much more.
Checker Plus
An extremely nifty Gmail plugin, Checker Plus allows you to read, listen to or delete emails without even opening your Gmail. It provides a small preview of the email that arrives in your inbox. It also supports multiple Gmail and Google App accounts which can be easily managed. This plugin is hassle-free and saves a lot of time.
Assistant.to is a free Gmail plugin that allows you to schedule meetings right from your compose window. You can book your meetings in one email. This plugin seamlessly integrates with your calendar and reduces the hassle of toggling between your Inbox and Calendar.
Hiver is a email management Gmail tool that lets you manage your customer support and sales right from your inbox. It allows you to have shared mailboxes, where you can assign new emails to the team and check their status. You can share labels with your teams, snooze emails, create email templates, and schedule emails to be send out later. Hiver is great for managing your support and delegating and tracking emails as tasks.
Marketo Insights
Using this plugin from Marketo sales reps can send sales emails, view lead and company information, and follow their activities in real time. Sales reps can see in real-time what content prospects are engaging with across channels, such as emails opened or clicked, web pages visited, and much more. This helps them engage prospects in a more meaningful way, increasing sales and shortening sales cycles.

Task Management

Transform your Gmail into an organized and manageable workspace. Using Drag you can organize emails, sales, marketing, projects, and tasks from your inbox. The plugin helps you manage tasks in a lean way and allows you to visually map your workflow.
With Taskforce’s Gmail plugin, you can convert your emails into task, create and organize to-do lists, and share to-do lists with your colleagues with ever leaving Gmail. Using this you can save time, stay organized, and get work done faster than ever before.
Turn important emails into tasks with due dates and add them to projects using the ActiveInbox Gmail extension. You can also schedule emails to be sent out later and focus on what’s important by achieving inbox zero.
Sortd is a Gmail plugin that improves your emailing experience, providing a seamless, intuitive way to plan and prioritize emails and tasks in a single Gmail workspace. You can drag emails from your inbox onto organized lists, add notes and reminders to emails, and group multiple conversations together to take your productivity to a whole new level.
The Yanado Gmail plugin turns your inbox into a powerful collaboration tool. It helps you create and turn emails into tasks, create and manage your projects all without leaving your inbox. You can also set up recurring tasks, set task reminders, receive updates and real-time notifications. It also integrates with Google Calendar.
Braid is a team and project management tool built for your Gmail inbox. The plugin allows you to store and share important emails, events, and notes with your peers. Create projects and add important information to it from within your Gmail. It also seamlessly integrates with other Google Apps.


Save Emails to Slack
This neat Gmail plugin lets you easily save emails to Slack channels. On installation, a Save to Slack button is added to your inbox. This helps you easily share emails with your team improving your productivity and keeping your workflow in check.
Gmail Offline
This immensely popular Gmail plugin - as the name suggests - allows you to access your emails offline. On first start-up, Gmail Offline will automatically sync messages and actions anytime Chrome is running. This smooth tool provides extremely fast response time with a pure, email focused experience.
Do Not Disturb
The Do Not Disturb Gmail plugin is the fastest and easiest way to put do not disturb on your Gmail Inbox. It hides your inbox, allowing you to search your messages or compose new messages with any distractions. You can also whitelist senders and labels to always receive important messages.

Automate your sales outreach and generate more leads using Klenty

Try Klenty free for 14 days. No credit card required