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Over 5000 Happy Customers from Startups to Large Enterprises

5 reasons why Klenty is a better alternative to Xant

Easy, SDR-friendly interface

  • Why force your SDRs to use a tool that has multiple ‘glitch’ reviews on review sites? Instead, get a Sales Engagement platform your team will love in 5 minutes or less.
  • Klenty is designed keeping your SDRs in mind. Setting up Klenty is a matter of minutes. Our platform is so easy to use that you can start executing your outreach plays today- no onboarding needed.
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Powerful sales sequence features

Klenty’s outreach features are designed to help you achieve the highest reply rates possible.

  • Engagement based follow ups to guide prospects at all engagement levels towards conversions, ensuring sky-high reply rates
  • A/B test templates, blacklist domains and email ids, use unlimited placeholders and holiday calendars to personalize emails.
  • You also get automatic reply and bounce detection, the ability to prioritize emails, and execute multi channel touches involving calls, emails and tasks.
  • Sales Dialer to help you call batches of prospects without friction in 1 click.
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#1 on popular CRM marketplaces

Why should your SDRs put up with a complex interface that only integrates with Salesforce?

  • Outreach is a lot more fun when your sales engagement tool has strong integrations with your CRM.
  • And that’s what Klenty gives you- native integrations with your CRM. If you use any one of Pipedrive, Salesforce, Zoho, Freshsales and Hubspot CRMs, you’ll love Klenty.
  • This means as soon as you sign up, your manual data entry work gets completely eliminated through automated workflows and you can ramp up productivity.
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Integrates with your sales stack

Why use a Sales Engagement tool that doesn’t integrate with your other sales platforms?

  • Instead of spending hours per week executing workarounds, try Klenty.
  • We integrate with Slack, Segment, Calendly, Zapier and over 40 other platforms.
  • This means that with Klenty, your sales outreach process is synced end to end, saving you hours of time and a massive process headache.
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Transparent, Scalable Pricing

Why enter a deal where you are ‘price-blind?’

  • That's right- with Xant, you cannot access their pricing from their website. You’ll have to arrange a meeting and jump through a few hoops before they qualify you as a customer.
  • No such strain with Klenty- we are very open with pricing. Why? Because if there’s one thing we pride ourselves on, it's delivering value for price-a Sales Outreach product that your frontline Sales team will love without burning a hole in your pocket.
  • We have 3 flexible and affordable plans. You can start at 45$ and scale upward as you grow. Not sure if Klenty is the right fit for you? Take a 14-day, free trial. No credit card needed.
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Klenty provides complex Email Automation solutions in a simple interface. Feature rich but yet cost-effective - especially once scaling past 3-5 email accounts.

Jake Hoover

Sales manager, Arcalea

Native CRM Integrations

Pipedrive Integration

Klenty is rated the #1 Sales Engagement Platform on Pipedrive MarketPlace. Connect Klenty with Pipedrive and automate all the repetitive tasks involved in your sales outreach process and save hours every day.

With the power of Klenty-Pipedrive Integration, you can:

  • Auto-import Pipedrive contacts into Klenty every six hours and add them to sales campaigns.
  • Use Klenty UI actions to start/stop sales campaigns to your contacts without leaving Pipedrive.
  • Keep data in both platforms always fresh and updated using the Bi-directional sync.
  • Use Klenty Triggers & Actions to automatically to create or move deals in Pipedrive based on activities like email opens, clicks, etc in Klenty.
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Salesforce Integration

Klenty is the fastest growing Sales Engagement Platform that is being used by over 200 Salesforce users. Connect Klenty with Salesforce to streamline and automate all the repetitive tasks involved in your Sales Outreach process to your contacts.

With Klenty - Salesforce integration your sales team can:

  • Import list/reports from Salesforce to Klenty in one click and them to sales campaigns.
  • You can push your Salesforce contacts into Klenty and start/stop campaigns to Salesforce contacts without leaving the Salesforce CRM using our Plugin.
  • Create automated workflows to keep Salesforce updated with all email engagement data. Auto sync all email engagement metrics like opens, clicks, emails sent, replies received back to the CRM and keep your CRM up-to-date.
  • Set up automated workflows to get updates about calls and tasks set up in Klenty campaigns in the Salesforce CRM.
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Hubspot Integration

Klenty is the top-rated Sales Engagement Platform on the Hubspot marketplace ecosystem with 500+ installations. Connect Klenty with your Hubspot CRM and completely automate the sales outreach process to your contacts.

With the power of Klenty-Hubspot Integration, you can:

  • You can import any specific list of contacts from Hubspot into Klenty with a single click and add them to sales campaigns in Klenty.
  • You can create automated workflows that eliminate CRM data entry using Triggers & Actions. For example, you can create tasks and lead records in Hubspot as soon as a prospect opens, clicks or replies in Klenty.
  • Keep the CRM fresh and updated automatically with all engagement metrics such as opens, clicks, replies that happen in Klenty.
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Zoho Integration

Klenty is the most popular Sales Engagement Software on Zoho Marketplace. Using Klenty, you can streamline and automate the sales outreach process to your contacts in Zoho CRM.

With the power of Klenty-Zoho integration, your sales teams can:

  • Run highly personalized sales email campaigns Zoho CRM contacts at scale.
  • Automatically import new leads from various deal stages and execute email campaigns, calls and tasks.
  • Set automated workflows like creating a task or making a call or updating a person directly in Zoho CRM based on email opens, clicks and replies in Klenty and automate your everyday work.
  • Automatically sync email engagement data, save copies of emails Zoho CRM from Klenty and eliminate the manual work.
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Save up to 20%



For sales teams who need
to earn more responses and save time.



per user/month billed annually

    Email Deliverability

  • Custom Domain Tracking
  • Random Intervals
  • Email Volume Control

    Sales Ops

  • Email Analytics
  • API Connections
  • Zapier Integration
  • CSV Uploads

    Reply Optimization

  • Email Analytics
  • A/B Testing
  • Engagement Live Feed

    Email Personalization

  • Merge Fields
  • Liquid Templates
  • Preview & Edit
  • Approve Before Sending

    Task Management

  • Activity Center
  • GMail Plugin
  • Email Sequence Automation
  • 24/5 Support


For bigger teams using advanced outreach strategies and coaching.



per user/month billed annually

Everything in Growth +

    Sales Coaching

  • Goals & Milestones
  • Goal Attainment Insights
  • Goal-Based Team Leaderboards


  • 200 Credits (Phone+Email)

    Account- Based Prospecting

  • Account List View
  • Account Status
  • Account Engagement Summary
  • Account-Level Execution
  • Account CRM Import

    Website Tracking

  • Page Engagement Tracking
  • Form Submission Tracking


For mature teams, who need advanced reporting and access control.

Customize the right
plan for you

Everything in Pro +

  • IP-Based Login Restrictions
  • Quarterly Customer Success Review
  • Advanced Deliverability Insights

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A simple, affordable Sales Engagement platform that’s ranked #1 on all CRM marketplaces.

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