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23 Best Cold Email Software for 2023 (Pricing, Pros, and Cons)

Find below, a detailed review of the most popular cold email tools based on email automation features, CRM integrations, pricing, and more.


Cold email outreach is a predictable way to generate leads for your sales team and close more deals. But manually sending personalized cold emails to over 100 prospects is not an easy task. And that’s where a cold email software can help lift the burden off your reps’ backs.

Sales engagement or cold email software help your sales team send hyper-personalized sales emails, follow up with them and track the outreach performance without having to spend their entire day on it. In other words, cold email tools are built to increase the productivity of sales teams, and book meetings with more potential prospects.

However, given the variety of cold email software available in the market today, the real problem for a sales team is picking the right tool that matches their unique requirements.

So, to cater to your needs, we talk about the different types of cold email software available, the factors you need to consider before picking the right tool, and the 23 best cold email software available in the market today.

How to Choose the Best Cold Email Software?

Between shifting your book of accounts to a new location, wondering whether this new tool can fit into your existing tech stack, and using a tool for the first time, we understand how difficult this decision might be for you. So, to help you make this decision sooner, we have mentioned the features you should specifically look for while finding the right cold email software:

Personalization Features

Sometimes, name personalization isn't enough to snare your reader's interest. Here are some advanced personalization features to look for in your cold email software:

Deliverability Features

Look for cold email software that improves the deliverability of your emails. Here are some of the email deliverability features you can look for:

Email Sequence Features

A cold email tool should help you send email sequences with minimum supervision. But that's the bare minimum. Here are some of the other email sequence features you should look for in the cold email platform you invest in:

Looking for an email sequence software? Here are the 21 best email sequence software available today.

Integrations With CRM

A cold emailing software that works in tandem with your CRM can save you from long hours of admin work. Here’s what you get with native CRM integrations:

In short:

It’s common knowledge that cold email tools are a must-have for reps. If you want to grow your revenue, you have to start executing personalized outreach through multiple channels like email, phone, LinkedIn, and SMS at scale. Whether you’re a business owner, sales professional at an SMB or enterprise firm, or a marketing executive, a cold email tool is crucial to achieve that highly-coveted revenue growth. The key is to find a cold email platform that fits your unique business needs–one that fits your budget and use case, matches your feature requests, and has enough seats for your users.

FAQ : The Top Queries About Cold Email Software

1. What is a Cold Email Software?

Cold email software is an emailing tool designed to send highly personalized cold emails and follow-ups to your prospects at scale. Sales reps and account executives alike can use the cold email marketing software to reach their prospects wherever they are–on email, phone, or LinkedIn–to book more meetings and crush quotas.

2. Which email service provider (ESP) is best for cold emailing?

Gmail, Outlook, and SMTP are the most popular ESPs available today. Choose a cold emailing software that integrates with any of these ESPs to ensure you can seamlessly switch between ESPs if you want.

Here’s how to find the best email service provider to run a successful cold email campaign:

3. Why Should You Use a Cold Email Software?

You should use a cold email software if you want to scale your outreach efforts without sacrificing personalization. It’s impossible to manually send 1000 personalized cold emails today and follow-up effectively with all of them. Therefore the number of meetings you book will remain low. If you want to scale your number of meetings booked, you have to start scaling your outbound efforts, and that’s what a cold email marketing software helps you do.

4. What’s the difference between cold email and spam?

A cold email is an email sent to a person who has no prior relationship with you or your company or has not even heard of your company (therefore, cold). Cold emails are usually sent to potential business prospects and are relevant and sometimes, personalized to the prospect.

But a spam email is an email that is part of an email blast sent to thousands of people. The content of the email may or may not be relevant to the recipient. The more spam emails you send, the higher the chances of your email account being banned by your email service provider. Since the content of such emails are irrelevant to the recipient, they may mark your email as ‘spam’, and when more people do it, your account will fall under the email service provider’s scrutiny.

5. Is cold emailing illegal?

Cold emailing isn’t illegal. But every country has its own rules that you must follow while sending commercial emails. For example, if you are sending it to prospects from the US, you must ensure that it complies with the CAN-SPAM rules.

Here are some tips to avoid getting blacklisted while cold emailing:

To read more about Laws and guidelines for sending cold emails in different countries

6. What are the 5 best cold email tools for small businesses?

As a small business owner, you might be looking for a simple cold email outreach tool that will allow 1-4 users to run cold outreach campaigns from within your email. If you’re looking for specific features like advanced email deliverability or video personalization, you could use a separate software with a little more advanced features. We’ve included a good mix of both in the below list–based on customer reviews and ranking from G2.com:

  1. SmartReach
  2. PersisitIQ
  3. SalesHandy
  4. Klenty(includes advanced email deliverability feature)
  5. Yesware